‘Glee’ Creator Murphy Brings Phobia Drama To Fox

Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, one of the head writers and executive producers of the mega hit show Glee, has partnered with former X-Files writer Howard Gordon to create a new show for Fox centering around a psychiatrist who deals with patient’s worst fears and phobias.

While the new show won’t feature singing and dancing (agoraphobia doesn’t rhyme very well or fit an easy meter), it is a return to form for Murphy who created the darker Nip/Tuck for FX. The series is also expected to have a supernatural vibe to it which will fit in well with other out-there freaky shows on Fox like Fringe and American Idol. Gordon also was the executive producer for 24 which will surely lead to exciting split screen action of people sitting on a couch and talking.

“We all are afraid of something, and fears keep us from living our lives,” Gordon said. This should be an interesting theme for a television show with a supernatural twist. “Over coming your supernatural fears” also sits well with Murphy’s other shows thematically (minus the supernatural part at least). Glee focuses on overcoming your own roots and prejudices to becomes your own person while Nip/Tuck tackles the health care debate through the eyes of two small town doctors (just kidding, it’s about hot shot plastic surgeons who ask people “what do you not like about yourself?”).

Murphy and Gordon should look to daytime television for inspiration if they ever get stuck. This would make an awesome episode.

Source: Deadline