‘Glee’ Creator Ryan Murphy Developing a Gay Family Sitcom for NBC

Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy’s goal is to traverse all territories of television — pardon the alliteration. Murphy’s name is most affiliated with his musical high school dramedy Glee, which is in its third season on Fox. His success in television really began with the acclaimed series Nip/Tuck, about the dark and often erotic world of plastic surgery. And his latest product is a big leap from both of these series: American Horror Story, which is exactly what it sounds like. But Murphy treads forward, seeking new terrain for his creativity. And he has found it at NBC. The network ordered a gay family sitcom from the writer/producer.

Only the half-hour sitcom format will be unfamiliar to Murphy. Glee deals regularly with issues of homosexuality and homophobia, as this new series is likely to do. However, as it is in fact a sitcom, the new show might place less of a dramatic emphasis on the matter, instead painting the picture of a comical, likely dysfunctional — this is a sitcom after all — but happy, gay family.

The characters are described as a male gay couple, their female surrogate, and their children. Murphy will co-write and co-executive produce this new series with Allison Adler, who will base the stories and themes on their personal experiences with their own sexualites. 

Source: Deadline