‘Glee’ Double Take: Schue Rocks a Sue-Suit, Blaine Gets a Puck-hawk — PICS

26603162.jpgWe’re not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to the brain of one miss Tina Cohen-Chang, wherein the slightest bump might alter the contents into a hokey mess of sideshow impressions.

Just in time for Glee to send the New Directions to Nationals in a super-sized two-hour episode, Tina bumps her head and fancies herself Miss Rachel Berry. Accordingly, her jostled brain causes her to see all the other characters switch personas too. Yes, that means our glee club kids and their teachers are about to do their hamfisted best impressions of each other, but seeing that the series has a certain flair for yanking away the subtlety it so desperately needs like Lucy tricking Charlie Brown with a football, we can bet these are going to be charming impressions on par with my one-year-old niece’s imitation of Batman.

That being said, these sneak peek photos cannot be missed. It’s like watching your friend try on bad ’80s prom dresses: So wrong, and completely necessary.

The two-hour episode of Glee airs Tuesday, May 15 at 8 PM ET/PT on Fox.

Blaine as Puck


Rachel as Tina, Rory as Sam, Mike as Joe, and Joe as Mike


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