‘Glee’ Gets New Freshman: ‘American Dreams” Vanessa Lengies

vanessa lengiesVanessa Lengies agreed to enroll in McKinley High as a new student. The 26-year-old actress will play one of the new freshmen the producers promised us back in June, adding some fresh blood to the cast. Lengies’ character, Sugar, is described as an ungodly combination of Molly Shannon and a New Jersey housewife, who happens to be a terrible singer. I suppose it strains credulity that every person at the high school is an amazing singer, but the Glee club seems to have enough auto tune at its disposal that it could make Gilbert Godfried sound good. They certainly use it enough on Finn.

Lengies currently appears on TNT hospital show Hawthorne, and previously appeared in the similarly musical drama American Dreams. Season 3 of Glee starts airing this September, on Fox.

For the love of all that is holy, I hope that the casting of an intentionally bad singer doesn’t lead to more covers of Kee-dollar-sign-hah songs. The emotional strain of reliving that purple vomit incident would be too much to bear.

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Source: TV Guide