‘Glee’ Kids Will Graduate After Next Year

glee sucksThis could be the move that ends up saving Glee from irrelevance. Co-creator Ryan Murphy stated that next year will be the last year for the kids we’ve watch grow up over the past two years. Our current cast of characters will graduate and move on. He also goes on to say that they aren’t being “eliminated or replaced,” he just doesn’t want the show to have kids be in high school for eight years. So bye-bye overly-dramatic Rachel. Goodbye Finn’s not-at-all-flabby-abs. See you later, crazy Asian dude who only dances. But most sincerely, farewell Brittany. I’ve got my fingers crossed for your own spinoff.

Is this a smart move? Unfortunately so. This past season was particularly rough and some fresh blood will get things going right again. Of course, we’ll still have Mr. Schue and Sue returning since teachers don’t graduate with the kids. More inappropriate teaching? Right on. Their inclusion will give the show some sort of thread to run through the entire series, unlike the British Skins which replaces the cast every two years. Plus, it’ll give the writers a chance to set up better characters and not more flat walking cliches. So, it’s a good move, but it sucks we’re Brittany. Major sad face.

Source: LA Times