‘Glee’ Missing Scene Reveals Blaine’s Christmas Gift To Kurt

gleeMany of you either loved or hated Glee‘s Christmas-themed episode, which aired last night. While I’m not always partial to the show’s overly cheesy plots, you can’t help but get caught up in this episode’s full-out merriment and cheer. However, many Gleeks were surprised and disappointed to find a certain scene missing from the hit show — one that could’ve made even the Scrooges and the Grinches of the world smile with joy: a gift-giving scene between Kurt and Blaine!

Glee’s promotion leading up to this week’s holiday special spotlighted an image of Kurt opening a present from Blaine in the halls of McKinley High. But when the episode aired Tuesday night, the scene was nowhere to be found, leaving fans wondering why it was cut and more importantly — what was in that little square box?

According to TV Line, that portion of the episode was axed because there wasn’t enough room for it in the hour-long segment, however, the scene will appear in the Season 3 DVD. Additionally, sources confirmed that the mystery gift Blaine was giving to Kurt was in fact a promise ring! And not just any promise ring. A homemade ring made up entirely of gum wrappers (since Blaine can’t afford what Kurt really wants — a item from the Elizabeth Taylor collection). But I’m sure Kurt was anything but disappointed with Blaine’s commitment-filled gesture (in your face, Warbler villain). I’m just sorry we didn’t get to see it — I mean, couldn’t they have cut something else in order to fit in this absolutely adorable scene? But I digress…

So how will this affect Kurt and Blaine’s relationship from here on out? And will we be seeing Kurt wearing the ring in episodes to come? We’ll just have to wait and see when Glee returns Jan. 17, 2012!

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Source: TV Line