‘Glee’ on ‘Inside the Actors Studio’: Ryan Murphy Received the First Script While Naked

Lea Michele Glee Fox West Side StoryMove aside, Jessica Simpson. Ryan Murphy’s flexing his TMI muscle now. 

In previews for the upcoming Glee episode of Inside the Actors’ Studio, series co-creator Murphy shares how the idea for Glee came to him… when he was wearing his birthday suit. After all, that’s how most great ideas generally happen; they come to you in the locker room. 
“I was at the gym, naked as a jaybird, and this guy came up to me with a script,” he tells James Lipton. The script from Ian Brennan was the collection of pages that would become one of the biggest sensations on television. And now, the cast is on Inside the Actors’ Studio to prove it. 
Bravo has released a few previews to gets us all revved up for the dish when the special airs Monday, April 9 at 8 PM ET/PT. First, the story of the naked script meeting and the genesis of Sue Sylvester, a message about the importance of arts (how could they not?), and for dessert: a tease about Finchel’s future. Will they won’t they? Tell us now, Cory Monteith!