‘Glee’ Prom Redux: Couples Abound and Sad Quinn Sings — PICS

25942905.jpgGlee is going to prom whether we like it or not. And we like shiny things and pretty dresses, so we’re down with the 2012 redux of McKinley’s promtastic episode. Luckily, Fox is on our wavelength because it just released our favorite part of the prom episode: photos of the shiny, pretty dresses. Fox, you’re alright. 

This year, it appears we’ll find Sam and Mercedes turning the dance into their coming out party (twitterpated golf claps), Rachel and Finn treating the affair like they’re Brad and Angie arriving at the Oscars (you wish, Rachel Berry), Will and Emma continuing their pattern of acting like PDA-heavy teenagers (okay, it’s pretty cute), and finally, Quinn singing by her lonesome. (At least we assume she’s by her lonesome since all she seems to do is put herself down these days.)

May 8’s “Prom-asaurus” airs at 8 PM (ET/PT) on Fox. Will you be watching?

[Image: Fox]


[Image: Fox]


[Image: Fox]


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