‘Glee’ Promotes Darren Criss to Series Regular

Glee Darren Criss BlaineIt was only a matter of time before Glee promoted fan favorite Darren Criss to series regular and it’s been a steady climb for Harry Shum Jr. who also just got the order for more screen time. Perhaps these larger story arcs that Ryan Murphy keeps promising will involve a lot more of our favorite Warbler? Whatever the plan is for Season 3, it’ll at least be entertaining since we’re sure to see more of two of the best performers on the show.

Well, we’re not lucky enough to have that much information about Murphy’s plans, but we can probably guess that the next big story won’t involve Trouty Mouth — er, Chord Overstreet. The blonde, Bieber-esque actor did not get picked up as a series regular for Season 3. Perhaps it was because he went from fresh meat in the Glee club to a total buzzkill last season. The dude was part of a major love triangle and he still couldn’t manage to inspire me to care whether or not Quinn cheated on him. I didn’t even feel bad for the guy when she did. This is not a good sign, folks.

I’m sure there are a few of you out there who will be sad to Sam relegated to the back row during dance routines, but honestly, it’s better for the show. Besides, how many main characters can a series have? If Criss is being promoted, another sacrifice needs to be made. Just keep in mind that there will be a lot more Blaine and try not to mourn the lower dose of Trouty Mouth — I’ll bet you’ll get over him soon anyway.

Source: Deadline (via NY Mag)