‘Glee’s’ Chris Colfer Is Writing a TV Show For Disney

Chris Colfer GleeThis is exciting news all around. While I personally haven’t been a fan of what Glee turned Chris Colfer’s character into this season — seriously, he’s losing that infinitely likable quality he used to have — I’m still a huge fan of the guy behind Kurt. Colfer is infinitely humble, talented, adorable, and lovable. Now not only will he be singing us sweet songs on Glee, but he’s getting into the screenwriting game. In fact, he just sold a pilot to the Disney channel. The show is based off of a children’s book called The Leftover Witch about a witch who’s adopted by a family when he broom breaks and she falls to the ground.

This is great because not only is Colfer enjoying some well-deserved success, but this is a chance for some really great programming on Disney. It’s all very cute and such, but perhaps Colfer can introduce us to a little more heart. This isn’t his first time as a screenwriter though; he’s also writing and starring in the indie movie, Struck by Lightning. We may be a little disappointed with the show that launched him in recent months, but we should thank it for introducing us to such a fantastic, budding star who not only relies on his onscreen talents, but looks to expand his reach in other ways as well. It’s a wonderful thing to see and it’s a great way to inspire younger viewers.

Source: THR