‘Glee’ Tackles a School Shooting: Did It Work? — POLL

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Glee has always prided itself on being a show that isn’t afraid to tackle “the issues.” Over the years, we’ve seen everything from eating disorders to domestic violence to bullying to teen pregnancy to prostitution to… you get the gist. But last night’s episode — the unfortunately titled “Shooting Star” — took things a step further by featuring a “school shooting” in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, while our own Senate is debating major gun-control legislation inarguably influenced by that very event.

The reason we call it a “school shooting” is because it wasn’t actually a school shooting. In the end, the whole affair ended up highlighting our schools’ crappy mental health care system more than anything else, as Becky — who has Down Syndrome — was the one who fired the shots. She never meant to hurt anyone and (thankfully) no one got shot, so the episode will likely have a minor effect on the characters who spent 30-odd minutes saying their final goodbyes and hiding in bathroom stalls. Soon, they’ll all be back to focusing on Nationals.

So, what did you think? Did Glee do a good job of tackling this horrible issue? Should they have done it at all? Vote in our poll, and defend your opinion in the comments!

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