‘Glee’ Update: Jesse St. James’ Return, A Third New Directions Defector &...

‘Glee’ Update: Jesse St. James’ Return, A Third New Directions Defector & More

Jesse St James gleeIf you like being surprised when you watch television, you should probably just get on out of here because we’ve got a few to deliver. Glee is getting a few doses of drama in the near future. Ryan Murphy dropped a few details and a spoiler or two at a celebration of the show’s 300th musical performance.

First we’ll see the return of Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and this time it will be obvious that he’s running game: he’ll come back as Vocal Adrenaline’s coach. We also learned that he’s going to have some signifcant screen time alongside Glee Project winner Alex Newell and that at some point Newell will turn to Kurt and Mercedes for advice. Murphy says Newell is “the lovechild of Kurt and Mercedes,” and as much as I love those two, that sounds like a handful.

Second, we now know that Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Santana (Naya Rivera) won’t be the only ones saying goodbye to New Directions. The next one to fly the coop is logical, but a bit heartbreaking: Brittany (Heather Morris). It’s not all that surprising if you consider the news from earlier this month that Santana and Brittany will soon be an official item. All this defecting will go down Nov. 15 and while Murphy stayed mum on the reasons for the split, my money’s on romantical rationale.

Looking a little further into the future, Murphy noted that Pete Townshend (of The Who) has offered up a few songs for Glee-fication and that he’s chatting up Barry Manilow for a few tunes as well. He also spoke about graduation and emphasized that no one’s leaving yet, nothing’s decided, and that when someone graduates, it doesn’t mean they have to stay gone. So there you have it. More Jesse drama, more stops in splitsville for New Directions, new tunes and a little hope for those who are painting protest signs to keep from losing thier favorite characters come graduation.

Source: THR