‘Glee’ Update: Lea Michele and Darren Criss Dish On Season Four Shake-ups



From an outsider’s perspective, people must think that Glee has some seriously strange character names: Finchel, Brittana, Klaine, Wemma etc. But to the lucky millions few in the loop, we know that these names represent our favorite relationships. In fact we’re often so invested in these couples we sometimes forget that these characters actually have lives and outsides of their “ships.”

Hollywood.com caught up with the lovely Lea Michele and the dashing Darren Criss at last week’s Glee premiere and we’re still giddy from their scoop. Not only did the two dish on their shipper statuses, but they also teased what’s coming up for their individual characters. Yay for character development! So who is Michele hoping will also join her in NYC? And what is next for Blaine now that he’s alone in Lima? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you…

At the end of last week’s season premiere fans were elated to see Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (aka HummelBerry) have been reunited and are ready to tackle the Big Apple one Broadway musical at a time. And it was wonderful to see that Michele is just as excited as Rachel to have Kurt in NYC, “I love love love love living with Kurt!” Michele gushed, “I love our apartment, it’s so cool. I love working with Chris, and I just wouldn’t have it any other way.” That’s right! Our favorite non-dating duo will be on the hunt for a new apartment this week and believe us when we say, their new place is pretty freaking sweet.

But of course leave it to Michele to think of a way to make an amazing situation even better. The actress smiles, “Now we just need to find a way to get Naya [Rivera] to come and live with us as well… and have Santana live in New York.” Hey? Are you all right out there Santana lovers? We just figured that last bit of scoop might have made you pass out from extreme excitement.

Michele has gifted you with plenty of positive Finchel scoop over the past week both