Glee Will Perform ‘Firework’ and ‘Fat Bottom Girls’

glee lea michelleAlright guys, we’re all bummed that we have to wait until February for more Glee, but we just have to be patient. Thankfully, Matthew Morrison isn’t so great at embodying that virtue, because he jumped the gun and shared the song list for the upcoming Valentine’s Day episode. He tells TV Guide that Mr. Schue’s assignment for the gleesters is love songs. While I’m fairly certain they’ve already done this theme, or a ridiculously similar version of it, it’s Valentine’s Day so I’ll let the repetition slide.  Besides, other than the central love theme, the songs are all over the place. Rachel will perform the second Katy Perry song on Glee, “Firework” (the first being “Teenage Dream” as imagined by the Dalton Warblers). While the Warblers are done doing Katy Perry for now, they will have two whole numbers in the episode premiering Feb. 8, including Paul McCartney’s “Silly Love Songs” and Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone.” (Nice.) We’ll also see Artie perform Michael Jackson’s “PYT,” Tina belting “My Funny Valentine,” and  my personal favorite from the list, Puck singing “Fat Bottom Girls.” Clearly, the writers haven’t lost their senses of humor.

Source: TV Guide