Glenn Beck Wants You To Pay 5 Dollars For His Internet Show

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck may be saying sayonara to Fox News on June 30, but his show will go on somewhere on the internet. His company, Mercury Radio Arts, will start GBTV, an internet streaming video network featuring Glenn Beck, things Glenn Beck approves of, and people who pay Glenn Beck money. Of course, the bread and butter of GBTV will be a two-hour daily broadcast from Mr. Blue-eyed Crybaby himself from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The clincher? This can all be yours, you just have to give Glenn Beck five dollars a month to see it.

If, however, two hours a day just isn’t enough Beck for you, you can pay ten dollars a month to get it all. What comes with “it all?” A hell of lot more Glenn. The network is also launching a six-camera simulcast of Beck’s radio show — which lasts THREE HOURS — and then there’s something called The 4th Hour with Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere. Wait, I’m sorry, you have to PAY money every month to see FIVE HOURS of Glenn Beck? I don’t think even Glenn Beck could watch five hours of Glenn Beck. And six cameras? We need SIX cameras to capture Beck sitting in a radio booth for THREE HOURS? He’s GOT to be kidding.

His show couldn’t even keep advertisers — they kept dropping out because his statements are just a wee bit controversial — how is he going to get people to buy viewing privileges for his new internet show? Then again, he wrote a book called Arguing With Idiots and this happened, so what do we know?

Source: Deadline