Glenn Beck Will End His Fox Show This Year

Glenn Beck on FoxOkay, so I know this is a Hollywood site and we’re not supposed to be all political or whatever, but the news that Glenn Beck’s show is ending makes me happy. (Not that I’m a regular viewer of Fox News, so I guess it’s weird that I’m happy, but whatever.) Even with the content of his arguments aside, Glenn Beck is pretty damn annoying. His blue eyes also have the counter effect of say, a Jake Gyllenhaal or a Ewan McGregor. Jake and Ewan just make you want to melt into a pool of useless girlie inaction but Beck’s creepy blue eyes make me want to run for cover somewhere really far away, like the Himalayas.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has issues with Beck though. The Hollywood Reporter notes that it’s long been rumored that Beck was in some serious contention with the news network. Even though he won’t be charging into some people’s homes on a weekly basis anymore, he’s not just disappearing or moving to Costa Rica like Rush Limbaugh promised but failed to do. Beck will still have his radio show and he’ll be adding his expertise as producer for “a variety of projects.” Whatever that means.

Even though I’m sure it has nothing to with the real issue (because Beck’s is the third highest rated show on the network), I’m going to go ahead and claim this as a victory for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. They’ve worked tirelessly to show the world the errors of Beck’s ways — and in my opinion, those are numerous — and it seems that they finally (but not really) pushed the shock jock out of network television (but not really). Huzzah (but not really).

In case you’re wondering, this is how Stewart did (but didn’t) do it.

Source: THR