Globes Winner Jessica Lange Considers Returning to ‘American Horror Story’ in Season 2


Jessica LangeLast night at the Golden Globes, Jessica Lange won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie for her role on American Horror Story. Lange is just one member of the FX series’ golden cast that has made it a surprise stunner.

American Horror Story has been confirmed for a second season on FX. The show drew in its fair share of devoted fans in its freshman season, but some of those very fans are worried that the magic might not continue in future seasons, as the show has plans to bring on a new starring cast. However, Ryan Murphy and his production team have made mention of bringing back some of the first season’s cast to take on new characters. Now, Golden Globes victor, Lange, has stated that she is open to the possibility of being one of the returning players.
Murphy confirmed that the two leads of Season One, Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott, will not be returning for American Horror Story‘s second turn. However, this means that any of the show’s supporting actors and actresses have a fair shot at new characters. TVLine reports that Lange said, “Yes, we are considering a second season. Nothing is definite yet…I know that everybody that is returning will be playing a different character.” Lange also voiced her appreciation for her work on the FX series: “I rarely see a script that excites me,” she said. “But with American Horror Story, every time we would get a new [script], they would have written something for me that was really exciting and challenging.”
Would you like to see Lange back on the American Horror Story cast? What other cast members would you want to return for Season Two?
Source: TVLine