NBC Cancels ‘Go On,’ Adding Another Notch to Matthew Perry’s Belt of Post-‘Friends’ Failure

Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Bads news, sports fans and devoted believers in the emotional benefits of group therapy: NBC has pulled the plug on Go On, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although the Matthew Perry sitcom about the host of a sports radio program who undertakes grief counseling after the death of his wife debuted to impressive ratings in the fall of 2012, viewership petered out over the course of the year, leaving the network to cancel the sometimes dramatic comedy after a single season. This is Friends vet Perry’s third failed attempt at a new network program since the conclusion of his turn as Chandler Bing in 2004, and perhaps the most bitter of these goodbyes.

Despite its flaws in structure and inconsistencies in tone, Go On was heavy on the laughs and pretty handy with some genuine emotion, as well. Starring alongside Perry was John Cho, star of the Harold and Kumar and Star Trek franchises (he’ll be fine), playing the central character’s boss and best friend who supports him in his decision to seek help in group therapy. Perry’s circle was made up of goofy but authentically scarred characters, ranging from widows to divorcees to a woman whose cat just died.

Go On joins other recent NBC cancellations: Up All Night, Whitney, 1600 Penn, and Guys with Kids.

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