Six Important Reasons Why You Should Be Watching ‘Golden Boy’

Tuesday night CBS debuted another crime drama. Shocker. Of course, this time it’s a bit different. The set-up of the New York-set Golden Boy is a little more unique, the story-telling is slightly less formulaic, the characters are even have a little more depth than your average Eye Network crime-fighters. Even so, by the end of the pilot episode, it was clear the series still has a lot of work to do to pull itself away from being “your average CBS crime show.” With a surprisingly well-placed cast that includes Chi McBride of Pushing Daisies fame, and a sliver of potential this show could be a step above the rest, there is one thing at the moment that’s keeping us hanging on: star Theo James

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When the dialog has a bit of a hickup or becomes a little muddled, what saves the scene? James’ irresistable smolder. When the huge clue is just a little too convenient, who keeps us roped in? James and his impossibly chiseled vissage. That’s right. We’re tuning in for the hot guy.

Reason 1: The Fact That He Owns This F**king Town. 

Theo James Golden Boy Star is Sexy

James plays Walter Clark Jr., a New York city hero turned homicide detective, but in the flash-forward sequences, he’s the youngest Police Commissioner in New York history.

Reason 2: That Smile.

Theo James Smile Golden Boy

Mischeivous? Yep. Disarming? In the name of all that is holy, yes. 

Reason 3: The Part Where He’s Pensive.

Theo James Sexy Golden Boy

Because you’ve got to love a guy like this for his brain, too.

Reason 4: The Way He Gets When He’s Super Pensive.

Theo James sexy Golden Boy

So he did something wrong? We’ll forgive him. Look how hard he’s thinking about what he shouldn’t have done. 

Reason 5: The Part Where He Bumps His Head While Catching the Bad Guys.

Theo James Action Scene Sexy Golden Boy

That’s dedication… and a pretty dashing accessory, I might add.

Reason 6: The Way He Snaps Back From the Blood With a Tiny Bandaid and That Smile

Theo James Sexy Smile Golden Boy

Is there anything he can’t do?

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