Golden Globes 2012 Reactions: Holy ‘Homeland’


Claire Danes Golden GLobe 2012I’m normally underwhelmed or disappointed with the Golden Globe awards results. The wrong people always win because the Hollywood Foreign Press seems to relentlessly choose the pretty, more popular Hollywood stars to win their little golden statues. This year, however, the proved me wrong a few times. 

Homeland and Boss Go Home Happy 
This year, I rejoiced when the HFPA outdid the Screen Actors Guild Awards by actually recognizing the amazing talents and value of Showtime’s Homeland and Starz’ Boss. However, never in a million years did I think they would actually give those shows their due praise in trophy form. Claire Danes not only looked amazing on the red carpet, but she got the chance to get recognition for her wonderfully rattled, unstable character, CIA agent Carrie Mathison. She adeptly traverses the murky waters of Carrie’s psyche; her mind holds the key to the truth about possible terrorist Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) and watching her break down as she tries to get someone to take her seriously is one of the best journeys on television in 2012. She and the series itself deserve every bit of shiny recognition they received. 
And while I sorely wanted Damien Lewis to take home a Globe as well, letting Kelsey Grammer take the award for his rousing performance as Chicago Mayor Tom Kane on Boss is a consolation prize I can certainly live with. The series still needs to work to find its niche, but Grammer powers through his King Lear-inspired role with poise and power. He’s certainly managed to outshine Frasier Krane, and that’s something worth rewarding. 
Where’s The Love For Amy Poehler? 
Don’t get me wrong, Laura Dern certainly earned her Best Actress in a TV Comedy award with her work on Enlightened, however, I’d be extremely remiss if I did not mention what a travesty it is to see that no award-giving body seems to be capable of rewarding Amy Poehler for being the goddess of television comedy that she is. The Parks and Recreation star is turning out amazing performances week after week, and while she’s rewarded with super fans’ GIFs on Tumblr and fake ads for Leslie Knope’s political campaign, she has yet to win a concrete, glitzy award. Don’t make her live with social media glory forever; this woman needs a trophy! 
Modern Family, We Love You, But Please Stop Winning Everything 
I’m very grateful that Glee didn’t win this award, and I acknowledge that with the five shows the HFPA nominated, valid choices were limited, but the ABC series just isn’t as strong as it used to be. The HFPA did so well in every other category, what happened here? Rightfully, Community and Parks and Rec should be nominated, but they’re not and of the choices it would have been nice to see Enlightened or even New Girl take the cake. At the same time, given the choices, I can see why they settled on MF – at this point, the series has earned the ability to appear untouchable. 
What about you? Were you disappointed by any of the television awards? Who else was robbed? Do you think Laura Dern’s dress was too similar to Angelina Jolie’s dress from last year? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! @KelseaStahler