Golden Globes’ TV Nods: Fist Pumps and Face Palms

The Golden Globe nominations are out, and while most of the buzz is surrounding the films that should and should not have been nominated – ahem, The Tourist – remember that the Globes also reward great (is great means dollar-generating and well-publicized) performances on television. I know the GGs aren’t the Emmys so it’s not as big of a deal because most of us are just tuning in to look at celebrities in pretty clothes while they get drunk off copious amounts of champagne, but they’re still handing out trophies for onscreen merits. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the things that make us go hmm.

Fist Pumps

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead For Best TV Drama: The new AMC show won’t win and it’s up against Mad Men which literally kicked ass all over the small screen this season, but I’m happy that the risky and, for the most part, well-executed zombie premise is garnering some recognition in this sphere.

Steve Carell Will Definitely Win for The Office: Who doesn’t love this guy? He’s made us chuckle and cringe for the past 6 and half seasons of The Office, and in this, his 7th and final season, he and the writers are really bringing out the big guns. Plus, it will prevent Jim Parsons from getting a statue and future bastard baskets.

Elisabeth Moss is Nominated for Mad Men: She’s the clear front runner in the category. Besides the fact that Mad Men as a whole continues to get better with each season as if they’ve got some sort of television wizard running the show from behind a little velvet curtain, Peggy Olson had a brilliant season and Moss totally killed it.

Katey Sagal Is Nominated for Sons of Anarchy: She won’t win – see my point above – but it’s just great that she’s invited to the party. I’m happy to see that she’s getting some attention for her role as a kickass biker wife because she does it so well and it’s a bit outside of the typical glitz and glam of traditional GG winners. But, I guess if Tina Fey and Liz Lemon’s secret mustache, Tom, can get an award so can a woman whose claim to fame is being a biker’s old lady.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets a Nod for Playing a Wife turned High Class Hooker in a Lifetime Movie: Pretty much just because it sounds like a joke from Family Guy come true.

Face Palms

CommunityNo love for Community or Louie: Ratings are king when it comes to most award shows, and just like any other awards ceremony, the little guys, no matter how great always get snubbed. This year, I shed a little tear for the lack of love for Community and Louie because both shows are daring (Community more so since it doesn’t have the buffer of a cable channel and late-night time slot), complex, and utterly hilarious. If it were my choice, I’d boot Big Bang and Glee for these guys; besides, I’m not the only one who thinks Community is one of TV’s best.

The Big Bang Theory for Best Comedy Series: I’ll admit that the nerd boy/ hot girl romance had its charms when the show first started, but even our resident BBT fan here at will admit that this season is has taken a turn for the worst. Yet, even in its past glory, there’s no way it should be included amongst solid A+ shows like 30 Rock and Modern Family.

Jim Parsons For Best Actor: You guys missed the boat on this one. Parsons already won an Emmy and he’s pretty much a one note character who doesn’t need another trophy. On that note, Steve Carell is going to win anyway, so you may as well have nominated Mr. Ed.

Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele for Glee: I love Glee, but these two are some of the worst actors on the show. Yes they can sing and dance (well, Morrison can dance – Lea can barely two-step), but this isn’t the Tonys, people – and even then, the Tonys care about acting too.

Scott Caan is Nominated for Hawaii 5-0: It’s not that he’s an abhorrent actor, he’s solid, he deserves to be cast in entertaining things like Hawaii 5-0 and the Ocean’s movies, but he’s basically a mini-me of his father. While if I had to pick someone’s dad to imitate, James Caan is definitely a contender, but I don’t think he deserves an award for it. Your dad is awesome, and you look and sound like him, so here’s a trophy. Nope.