We’ll Miss You, Eleven: Matt Smith Highlights

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As we draw closer and closer to the Christmas Special “The Time of the Doctor,” we inch towards Eleven’s regeneration into Twelve (this frightening thought is almost enough to make you wish away Christmas – no offense to Mr. Capaldi of course; we’ve just grown really attached to Matt Smith). While regenerations are what have kept the show alive so long, it sure makes for a little heartbreak to have your favorite character essentially die every few years. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

Like his ten predecessors, Matt Smith managed to put his own stamp on the Doctor: his sunny, at times childlike, persona belies an underlying darkness, which makes for a fascinating take on an already-fascinating character. We’re certainly going to miss the Eleventh Doctor, and here are a few reasons why:

* He might just be unbeatable in terms of impassioned monologues. Case in point:

And that’s the visual side of things. For an adorable refresher of the actual words, we’ll just leave this here:

* I wear a _____ now; ______ are cool.  A fun catchphrase; one that is sure to be missed.

* Even with all the fun and whimsy, Smith could also break your heart.  Remember when the Ponds were taken by the angels? Or when he thought he got stuck on the wrong side of the Big Bang (2)?

* We’ll always love the Doctor/Craig bromance.

(Almost as much as they love each other)

 * His flailing arms-River Song kisses were pretty hilarious.

* Though, if we’re remembering correctly, his Rory kiss was flail-free.

* In fact, he kind of has great chemistry with everybody, especially Ten (weren’t Matt Smith and David Tennant great together in “The Day of the Doctor?”), Clara (love the flirtatious witty banter), and Amy (ditto).  

* Watching him fight with himself in “A Nightmare in Silver” was kind of jaw-dropping.


(Kind of like an evil version of this:)


* Two words: giraffe dancing.

Now, the idea of compiling a list of Matt Smith’s best moments as the Eleventh Doctor was actually quite daunting: there are just so many, it’s almost overwhelming (in a good way, of course). With that disclaimer in mind, feel free to share your favorite scenes/snippets/character traits in the comments!