‘Graceland’ Recap: Pizza Box (Season 1, Episode 4)

Credit: Bob Mahoney/USA Network

Thursday night’s episode of Graceland was filled with some seriously nerve-racking near death experiences. Oh and a lot of Italian food.

Hitting the Sauce
Charlie hurt her back while working, so she stays home for a few days, giving her the chance to make her crowd-pleasing ragu sauce. It’s a family recipe, dating back to medieval Naples, and it involves an epic story about her Italian ancestors hiding from the Inquisition. The special sauce takes three days to cook, and the residents of Graceland are all looking forward to this delicious occasion.

Sleeping with the Enemy
After Paige finds some super high-quality weed on the illegal market, she teams up with Johnny and DJ to investigate a marijuana farmer who may be selling some of her surplus on the streets. For this mission, Johnny takes the cover of a Mexican gangster, complete with some airbrush tattoos impeccably drawn by Charlie, but his commitment to staying in character nearly blows the deal. (We also learn that his brother may have gotten mixed up in some real-life gang trouble.) Nonetheless, DJ and Johnny manage to get a tour of the farmer’s growhouse. The lady is also pretty attractive and takes a liking to Johnny, so they spend the night together. Yep, he spends the night with a potentially dangerous drug dealer so that he can get laid. Seriously, Johnny? 

Narrow Escape
When they awaken the next day, the woman finds paint smudges from Johnny’s fake tattoos in her sheets and she knows that  something is off. Cue two henchmen and a lot of guns. An unsuspecting DJ and Paige arrive at the farm to pick up Johnny. DJ quickly ends up next to Johnny in a barn on his knees with a gun to his head. In the end, Paige is a serious badass and saves the day by crashing her truck into the barn. 

Shooting Lessons
Meanwhile, Mike has been gaining some traction in Briggs’ big Bello case. The Nigerian mob boss wants him to teach his new recruits how to shoot. When he arrives for his first lesson, Mike learns that Eddie is back, albeit in pretty bad shape after having his left eye burned out with molten lead. He doesn’t trust Mike and makes that pretty clear when he threatens him at gunpoint. Of course, Mike deftly disarms his attacker, and the FBI decides to bring Eddie in to create a diversion.

Change of Plans
When the whole Graceland crew is just about to sit down for their long-awaited spaghetti dinner, Mike receives a text from Bello and has to rush to a meeting with the crime boss. There’s a heated back and forth between Eddie and Mike, as each accuses the other of working with the FBI. Bello decides to settle things, demanding Mike’s gun, which he then hands to Eddie. After Bello whispers something in his ear, Eddie points the gun at Mike for awhile but then puts it in his own mouth and pulls the trigger. WTF did Bello say to him?

Troubled Times
Fresh from once again having a gun pointed at his head, Mike goes to meet his East Coast love interest Abby for a date they’d planned. But the rookie agent is pretty shaken up over the trauma of having caused and witnessed Eddie’s suicide. He makes up an excuse to explain his off-mood, telling Abby that he had watched someone die in an accident, and she sends him home.  

Looks like this job may be starting to wear on poor Mike.

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