Greg Mottola To Direct Aaron Sorkin’s New HBO Pilot

Greg MottolaHere’s the thing about Aaron Sorkin. I think he’s a douche. But his work is excellent.

Here’s the thing about Greg Mottola. He’s awesome. Both as a person and regarding his body of work.

So putting them together by having Mottola direct Sorkin’s new HBO pilot is an excellent idea. Good job, HBO! As previously reported, the show will follow (if they don’t walk and talk in the pilot, Sorkin has lost his touch) Jeff Daniels as the host of a cable news show. Much like Studio 60, it will deal with the ongoing behind-the-scenes stuff. Basically it’s a combination of Studio 60 and West Wing. Awesome. Hopefully, Tina Fey isn’t pitching something exactly the same behind his back because that would just be cruel.

Anyway, Sorkin is hot off The Social Network and Mottola recently made the underrated Paul (not to mention Adventureland and Superbad). It’s an unusual combination, for sure, but it’s still awesome.

Source: Collider