Gregory Peck’s Grandkid IS Heath Ledger

Nearly 10 years after Heath Ledger’s breakout role in 10 Things I Hate About You, another young star will have a chance to shine in the part. Newbie Ethan Peck

But Peck isn’t just another Hollywood dreamer. He’s the grandson of Oscar winner Gregory Peck (To Kill a Mockingbird).

The ABC Family pilot based on the 1999 film (which was in turn based on William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew) will also star Lindsey Shaw, Meaghan Jette MartinKyle Kaplan and Nicholas Braun according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Like the film, the story will center on two teen sisters, including the strong-willed Kat (Shaw) and popular Bianca (Martin), as they adapt to life at a new school. Braun will step in as Cameron, who’s crushing on Bianca, while Peck will play the hard-to-read Patrick who peaks Kat’s curiosity.

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