‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Constance Zimmer on Dr. Alana Cahill’s Plan to Save (Sell) Seattle Grace


Grey’s Anatomy dropped a huge shocker last week when physician’s advisor Dr. Alana Cahill revealed that the only way to save Seattle Grace from its inevitable bankruptcy is to sell it. But what does that mean for our favorite doctors, the ones with and without a large settlement from the plane crash fiasco?

Hollywood.com got the chance to chat with the woman behind the bearer of bad news, Constance Zimmer, about just that. Check out what she had to say about Thursday’s all-new episode, Cahill’s future (and her mysterious past with Dr. Weber!), and Seattle Grace itself:

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Hollywood.com: So tell me about Thursday’s episode, “The Face of Change”?

Constance Zimmer: I am bringing in some potential buyers to look at the hospital, and I show them everything I have implemented to make it a very well-oiled machine. At the same time, we’re trying to put a face to the hospital — specifically Jackson and Alex — so they are trying to compete to be the face of the hospital. And the rest of the hospital is trying to see how it’s going to operate without any ER anymore. So that brings up conflict, and it brings up people needing to do things behind other people’s backs.

So if there are multiple interested buyers, is there a difference between them?

Yes, it depends. For instance, we’re bringing in this company called Pegasus. Pegasus is a company that has taken over other hospitals, so Richard and Callie end up going on an adventure searching out these other hospitals that Pegasus has taken over, seeing how it would change their hospital if and when they were to take over Seattle Grace. It’s a very specific buyer, but they have to be able to see what they’ll get out of it.

Would this potential sale be good for the hospital and our favorite doctors?

Everybody has their own opinion. As far as Cahill’s opinion is concerned, it should be better for the doctors, because a more efficient hospital should be better for everybody, right? Patients and doctors and everybody involved. But I’m sure that the doctors don’t think so.

Should we be worried about the fate of anyone’s job during all these changes?

Anybody’s at risk when there’s a big change going on. But I also know that the risk means that people need to step up more. It’s a matter of if they could all step up. Even though they might be at risk, they can solve their own problems just by working together. You would hope.

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So we know that Alex and Jackson are going to be competing to be the face of Seattle Grace. Does that title come with any perks?

Not necessarily. It just means you get to see their face all over the hospital. It would be like being the brand ambassador. Going and having meetings, talking to people about the hospital — so they need an overall good package. Somebody that can represent the hospital overall; what it does for the patients and for people that work there.

Why was Cahill so reluctant to catch up with Dr. Weber, even though they knew each other from a long time ago? Is there a deeper story behind that?

The immediate story between them is that Dr. Weber represents a time in her life that is not a good time. It was something very specific that caused their time together to be cut short. You will get to hear the story in some episodes coming up about why that all stopped so abruptly. I just think that Weber represents a dream of hers that didn’t get to come to fruition. She doesn’t really have anything against him, it just reminds her of what she lost.

Does that have anything to do with why she stopped operating and became a physician’s advisor?

Yes. What happened to her to make her stop doing surgery was just too much emotionally. So she chose a profession where she could help people, but do it in a way where she maybe had more control over the situation.

Will Dr. Cahill be sticking around for a while, or have we almost neared the end of the line for her?

I did a total of five episodes, and this week will be my third. So you still have a couple more for me to bring in bad news!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on ABC.

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