‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale Details Emerge, Get ‘Em While They’re McSteamy

grey's anatomyGet your scalpels ready, folks, because it looks like another cataclysmic finale of Grey’s Anatomy is underway and fully prepared to cut us to our very core (and not in a surgical, good-for-your-health-in-the-long-run type of way). TV Guide recently chatted with series creator Shonda Rimes about what to expect when the eighth season comes to a close, and she warned that the good doctors of Seattle Grace must face one final tragedy together before job offers force them to go their separate ways.

“There is a very complex thing that occurs for many of our characters that places a lot of them in a position to discover what they’re made of,” Rhimes teases of the major event that erupts during the season finale. “I don’t know that you could guess it.”

Oh, the possibilities that notion holds. Perhaps a dreadful accident unfolds in Meredith and Derek’s newly built McMansion, or maybe the hospital is in for another attack. But Rhimes isn’t giving too many details. However, when asked if this mysterious incident will be similar to the devastating ferry crash or the crazed shooter from seasons past, she replied, “Yes. That’s a yes to both!”

With contract negotiations of key cast members still up in the air, Rhimes has managed to create a perfect out should any of our favorite doctors decide not to return next season. “The plan is, at the end of the season, our doctors will do what residents all over the country do, which is to accept jobs at different hospitals,” Rhimes shared, noting that these decisions will all be made during the final episode. This knowledge may make loyal Cristina fans nervous since she seems the most eager to leave Seattle Grace (and her failed marriage) behind. But she’s our person!

As for what can be said of the finale’s death toll, Rhimes refuses to even tease us. “I don’t want to answer this question,” she said bluntly. “It’s very dark and twisty,” she said. “It was really hard [to write].” Uh oh….

With that in mind, Rhimes warns fans to have a box of tissues handy while watching the epic conclusion because the waterworks are bound to let loose. “This season, I feel like the theme of the episode is graduation, and there is a huge sense of nostalgia in this episode in terms of what you’re looking at,” she remarks. “This could very well be the last time these doctors are working together. This could very well be the last day for some of these doctors here.”

So there you have it, Grey’s fans. After this season comes to a close, life at Seattle Grace will never be the same again. It’s just all a matter of what “thing” is going to cause it. Anyone have any guesses? Sound off in the comments below!


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