‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: All You Need Is Love

grey's anatomyS8E14: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Grey’s Anatomy‘s latest episode was all about the heart and focus on the always complicated love lives of our favorite Seattle Grace doctors. As you can guess, it wasn’t all flowers and chocolates as one would normally hope, however, there were a few romantic moments here and there throughout the night (i.e. Deredith and Callizona). But while some couples looked to rekindle their love, others wondered if their love even existed anymore. Yep, I’m referring to Cristina and Owen who, if you recall, had quite the yelling session at Zola/Richard’s party in front of all their friends. Owen tells Cristina that he’s decided to move out, which I’ll admit added an extra layer of tension to an already heartbreaking episode. (Seriously, even the patients’ backstories are hard to handle.) But, it’s what makes Grey’s great. It’s ability to uproot those types of raw emotions and make us truly feel.

Add on top of that Teddy’s palpable hatred toward Owen, an adorable 10-year-old relationship, and a tragic almost proposal, you’ve got all the ingredients for a pretty decent (albeit heart-wrenching) episode. Oh, and for all you Lexie-Mark fans out there, I wouldn’t give up on them just yet because there’s definitely still a spark there.


“I don’t beg.” – Cristina

Though Cristina is hurting greatly over her fight with Owen, she’s determined to act like it’s not bothering her. She is Cristina after all! She cares about surgeries more than anything in the world, right? Right? It doesn’t seem that way. While riding together in the elevator – what is it with these people and elevators – Owen reveals he’s moving out, which sends a fresh new wave of hurt all over Cristina. But even then, she’s still determined to stand her ground and not beg for him to stay – hardcore surgeons just don’t do stuff like that.

However, Owen has a whole new set of problems to deal with; Teddy is nowhere close to forgiving him for choosing what was best for the hospital over what was best for her during the Henry tragedy. So when Owen goes to her in the hopes of working things out over a drink, she responds, “I wish you were dead instead of [Henry].” She also says that she hates him and tells him to never talk to her again unless it’s work related. So yeah…that problem isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon. After seeing how hurt Owen is over the whole thing, Cristina confronts him in that steam room they used to like to go to together and begs him to try to work things out with her, which leads to a nice, tender moment between the two of them. Well…as tender as it can get in a hospital steam room, but hey it’s a step in the right direction. There might just be hope for these two yet.

“I don’t care who gave who lice, I’m just glad we had it together.” – Alex

Alex Karev’s patient — a 10-year-old girl — was brought in after her 10-year-old boyfriend gave her chocolates for Valentine’s Day and she had an allergic reaction. They are incredibly adorable together and the little boy never wants to leave her side throughout the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, her reaction to the chocolate is a little more serious than Karev originally expected, so she has to stay overnight. But the boy sits in the waiting room, refusing to leave since he promised her he’d be there when she wakes up. So Karev promises to be there when the girl wakes up, so he can pass on whatever message the little boy wants to give her. The note Karev reads aloud to the girl is absolutely precious in every way possible, and the fact that Karev is willing to do this was the cherry on top of an already heart-warming moment. Thanks Alex, for helping us reaffirm our love for you.


“And then there’s those times where it seems like love brings nothing but pain.” – Meredith

Unfortunately, another patient’s love story doesn’t fare quite so well. A man is hit by a car while trying to chase down his girlfriend, who is mad at him for not proposing to her. The couple had been together for eight years, and every year he gives her jewelry – but never an engagement ring. This year, he gave her a locket. But she’s so disappointed that he still isn’t willing to commitment to her after all this time and she just storms out in anger, which leads to him being hit by a car. However, when his condition becomes serious, the woman realizes that she doesn’t need a ring, she just needs him to get better again. But Grey’s isn’t going to let every story end happily, so sadly, the man dies. What’s more is that Lexie comes across the locket in question and opens it to find the words “Will You Marry Me?” written inside. So he really was proposing after all. I told you — HEARTBREAKING!

Of course, this makes Lexie realize that you’ve got to let the ones you love know how you feel before it’s too late. So she goes to Mark’s place, knowing that he is on babysitting duty for Callie and Arizona that night. But when she gets there and finds Avery keeping Mark company, she chickens out. However, Mark seems very pleased to see her and doesn’t want her to leave, so she joins them for a home-cooked steak dinner. Things definitely aren’t over yet between these two.

Arizona/Callie, Ben/Bailey, and Meredith/Derek all had very sweet, romantic evenings together. Enjoy the happiness while you can, folks, because on this show, no relationship is drama-free for very long.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Cristina and Owen’s relationship stands a chance of surviving? Are you loving how the doctors are connecting more intimately will their patients? Do you want to see Lexie and Mark back together? Let me know your thoughts below or get at me on Twitter @KellyBean0415.