‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Bride and Gloom

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Welcome back, Grey’s Anatomy fans (Greysians? Is that a thing? Let’s just go with it). While many of us have been busy expanding our holiday waistlines and making ambitious New Year’s resolutions (like promising to read super cool recaps written by super cool people), our beloved Grey’s characters have been dealing with a crash-cart full of stress and leaving a lot of lingering questions in their wake: What does fate have in store for Adele? Are Owen and Cristina on the road to reconciliation? Will Miranda Bailey ever make it down the aisle?

“Things We Said Today” made sure to touch on all these cliffhangers and added in a few other drama-filled plotlines for good measure. Yup, looks like 2013 is going to be a doozy of a year for these docs. So without further adieu, read on, my fellow Greysians! (Oh yeah, I’m totally making this fan name happen.)

Runaway Bride & Bridesmaids: While Bailey is busy scrubbing in to Adele’s surgery, poor Ben is left to deal with a restless wedding crowd. (Luckily, there were macaroni and cheese cupcakes around, so the day wasn’t a total bust.) Callie, of course, blames herself for the delay since she had jokingly told Bailey she could run away if things got too scary. This makes Arizona nervous that Callie will leave her since they’ve been going through a pretty big rough patch after the whole leg ordeal. She even plans a sexy hotel hookup, but is unable to follow through at the last minute, claiming she’s still just not ready. Callie promises to be there for her no matter what, which ensues a middle school-like make-out session making them late for the wedding. Adorable!

As for the bride herself, after performing a five-hour complex surgery on Adele, Bailey tries to explain everything to Ben, even admitting some of her fears and doubts she has about getting married. Her ambition and ridiculously busy work schedule ruined her first marriage — what’s to stop it from happening this time? But Ben assures her that, as long as they love each other, they can make it work. “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me even if it’s only in five-minute increments every few months?” She does! And yet another Grey’s wedding takes place.

Hookups & Breakups: Surprising to probably no one, a lot of sexual tension builds between Avery and the newly-made-over intern, Stephanie, and results in them having sex in Avery’s car by the end of the night. So that’s happening now. Anyone else think April was an absolute idiot for letting Avery and those gorgeous baby blues get away? Speaking of hookups, Karev and Jo seem to be heading in that direction now that they’re drunkenly bonding over their terrible childhood backstories (picture Oliver Twist meets little orphan Annie). Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before these two check into an on-call room together.

Cristina and Owen, on the other hand, are a completely different story. After a steamy rendezvous in Chief Owen’s office, the star-crossed doctors were rousted from their potential reconciliation to deal with a bunch of injured bikers. (Note to self: Anyone who goes by the name “Gasoline” is not to be trifled with… ever!) In the end, however, Owen presents Cristina with divorce papers and admits that they should’ve never gotten married in the first place. Ouch… talk about running from hot to cold. Now, whether or not this was all just an act on Owen’s part to help with the whole lawsuit ordeal remains to be seen, but something tells me their future together is looking pretty bleak.

Guilty Conscience: Let me just start by saying that James Pickens, Jr. really deserves some major kudos for his performance throughout the entire episode. So moving! Anyway, poor Richard is suffering from a serious case of guilt. He realizes that Adele’s condition would never have advanced to such a serious level if someone had been there to notice. But since he had stopped visiting, her condition went completely unnoticed. And although Bailey was able to fix the aneurism, it was too much for Adele’s heart and she died a few hours after her surgery, unbeknownst to Bailey. The episode ends with Richard putting on a brave face at the wedding (for Bailey’s sake) and flashing back to his wedding dance with Adele as their song “My Funny Valentine” played on in the background. Let the waterworks begin!

So what did you think of tonight’s heartfelt episode? Do you agree with Owen’s decision? Will Bailey and Ben live happily ever after? Were you surprised by Adele’s death? Sound off on your dissections and opinions in the comments below!

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