‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Cristina Learns the Truth About Owen

grey's anatomyS8E17: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the problem with Grey’s Anatomy is that it’s overly repetitive. The same characters go through the same type of problems in the same type of storylines week after week after week. And while it can sometimes be good to go with what works, the show has drastically lost that unique edge it once had and segued into a realm of predictability.

And while the characters are each suffering through their own sets of personal baggage, nothing is ever really accomplished. Whatever was a problem last week, is a problem this week and the week after that. Whether Derek’s arguing with Meredith or Cristina’s marriage is crumbling, nothing ever significantly changes enough to help drive the plot forward. What happened to the quirky catch phrases, forbidden love scandals, and impressive wow-factors we all grew to love? If Grey’s doesn’t up the surprise element soon, the foundation of this once solid show could potentially crumble, leaving nothing but a massive pile of “boring” in its wake.

“We can create problems where none exist.” – Meredith

Derek, who is clearly suffering from a case of amnesia, suggests that Meredith go back to working with him in neurology. If you recall, Meredith was removed from Derek’s service earlier in the season after she was caught tampering with his Alzheimer’s clinical trial. But sure, giving it another try sounds like a great idea.

Meredith agrees to assist in Derek’s next surgery, which involves removing a cyst from a patient’s brain. However, in the middle of the procedure, Derek is called away, leaving Lexie and Meredith to perform the procedure themselves. Everything’s fine until Lexie spots a small tumor in the patients brain. And while they know they should get Derek’s approval before removing it, Meredith instructs Lexie to take it out anyway, to save the patient from needing an extra surgery in the future. Of course, Derek is furious when he finds out since it was done without his or the patient’s consent, however, Meredith assures him there was no harm done and everything’s going to be fine. But it turns out she couldn’t be more wrong. When the patient wakes up, she’s unable to speak. Lexie accidentally damaged something in the brain while removing the tumor and the damage is irreversible. And while this unfortunate tragedy doesn’t unhinge Mer-Der’s relationship, it does make Derek realize (once again) that working with Meredith isn’t a good idea. So we’re right back to where we started with these two.

“Should Karev really be hooking up with the intern mom?” – Callie

Callie is convinced there’s definitely something going on between Alex Karev and intern Morgan, whose preemie baby is still struggling to stay alive. And while Alex remains in complete denial about it, there’s definitely an interest there, at least on Morgan’s part. And it doesn’t seem like Alex is all that opposed to the idea, despite his constant protests. We all know he can’t help but fall for a woman in need. Let’s just hope this time things won’t end in such heartache.

Meanwhile, Avery develops a new potential love interest as well. With his mother, Catherine Avery, back for a visit, Avery gets introduced to her assistant, who insists on spending the entire day by his side. And though Avery initially shows no interest in showing her around, the two of them eventually hit it off and hook up for a steamy rendezvous in the on call room (finally, that room gets some attention again). Perhaps this will help him in his attempt to get over his feelings for Lexie.


“Can you stop screwing my husband?” – Cristina

Cristina remains convinced Owen is cheating on her with a nurse named Emily, and it grows almost to the point of obsession. To make matters worse, Owen assigns Emily onto her service temporarily, to help her convince a man to pull the plug on his dying husband. And given the fact that Cristina isn’t exactly known for her bedside manner, this would normally seem like a good idea, but given the circumstances, Cristina is less than pleased. At one point, she even confronts Emily about the situation and accuses her of sleeping with her husband. However, Emily refutes the idea and insists that she has a boyfriend.

Still unsatisfied with the current condition of their relationship, Cristina later tells Owen about her fears of infidelity, looking for him to reassure her that he still loves her. And it turns out, he does still love her, but her suspicions aren’t entirely unfounded. The good news is he didn’t sleep with Emily, but the bad news is that he did, in fact, cheat on her with someone else. And even for someone as tough as Cristina, that’s got to be a hard truth to face.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised Owen was actually cheating? Do you think their marriage can survive this? Are you getting sick with the constant repetition of the plot or is it just me? Let me know in the comments below or get at me on Twitter @KellyBean0415.