‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Doctors With Benefits


greysanatomy2_620_102512.jpg If Grey’s Anatomy is known for one thing, it’s drama. If it’s known for two things, it’s drama and sex. And this week the doctors of Seattle Grace were experiencing a little (or sometimes a lot) of both. Though the ramifications of May’s devastating plane crash still loom over our beloved surgeons, it no longer appears to be dominating their everyday lives. How can I tell? Well, the increase in everyone’s libido for starters.

“I Saw Her Standing There” kicks off with almost everyone getting some seriously hot action: Derek and Meredith; Cristina and Parker (aka her boss); as well as April and Avery, who swear that this will be the last time they sleep together for real. But let’s hope that isn’t the case because I’m really starting to enjoy their pillow talk (“I’m going to get some coffee.” – Avery. “I’m going to go pray.” – April). Even Richard is trying to get in on some of this action now that Avery’s mother, Catherine, is in town for a consult. But not just any consult – one that involves a male patient with severely inflated testicles. Appropriate for this episode? I think so!

Of course, Avery is none too happy about his mother’s continued canoodling with Dr. Webber (if you recall, he caught them in bed together right before taking his medical boards), but after an equally awkward man-to-man talk with the ex-chief, he at least seems to accept the relationship…even if he doesn’t necessarily approve. It’s just one of those situations no child ever wants to find themselves in the middle of, but since Avery is experiencing some sexual self control issues of his own (i.e. April), it was probably the right decision to make.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, Cristina is trying her best to establish a life for herself outside of Seattle Grace hospital, which includes having sexual relations with her boss, Dr. Parker. (“Who says I have to like him? He’s my sex friend.”) However, Parker throws a huge scalpel wrench into the relationship when he confides in Cristina that the board is trying to force Dr. Thomas (aka Mr. Feeny) into early retirement because of his age and lack of modern day know-how. And worse yet, he’s trying to use Cristina as a spy to make it happen. But nobody puts Cristina’s new bestie in a corner. Having grown quite fond of Dr. Thomas, Cristina decides to take the aging physician under her wing and guide him into the new millennium. It’s an unexpected friendship, but one that is absolutely adorable to witness. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m really starting to like Minnesota Cristina.

Next: Tumors, trailers, and prosthetic legs. Oh my!Meredith gets assigned a patient with a complex tumor that seems almost impossible to remove. She’s excited for the challenging case, but is afraid to talk about it in front Derek, who’s now teaching surgical procedures to interns rather than performing them himself. But while it’s a hard adjustment for anyone to have to make, he seems to be handling the whole thing extremely well and assures Meredith that he still wants to hear all about her exciting surgeries. Oh McDreamy, you still know how to make us swoon.

In other news, Arizona is in the process of getting fitted for a prosthetic leg, but seems less than thrilled about it (surprise, surprise). Granted, she has a right to be massively PO-ed about what happened to her. It’s not fair and it sucks, but seeing her take out all of her frustration on Callie week after week is absolutely heart-breaking. She even drives her prosthetist, David, away with her ice-cold demeanor. Luckily, Karev stops by and tells her how much he wants her to return to the hospital. “I’m trying,” she replies. He also reminds her to go easy on Callie – she’s trying too. And Karev’s little talk seems to work. We even get a glimpse of our very first Arizona smile of the season as she determinedly stands on her new leg. Sure, it was more of a grimace than a full-on smile, but still – progress! We may get our peppy peds doctor back yet.

Also in random and rather depressing news, Owen continues to miss Cristina and is now living in Derek’s old trailer out in the woods. So there’s that.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Were you happy for a break from all the intense drama? Do you think Arizona will ever get back to her old self? Are you loving Cristina’s relationship with Mr. Feeny? Give me your dissections of the episode in the comments below!

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