‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: ‘Free Falling; She’s Gone’


grey's anatomyS8E1: Grey’s Anatomy is back and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our favorite doctors have returned for another round of complicated surgeries and even more complicated love lives. While Shonda Rhimes didn’t leave us with the gripping, cliffhanger finale we’ve grown so accustomed to expecting on this show, it still made us wonder what turmoil lies in store for the doctors of Seattle Grace hospital this upcoming season. Last time we checked in with them, Derek and Meredith were on the outs since he found out she tampered with their Alzheimer’s drug trial (which, by the way, is totally illegal). It turns out things are still dicey between the two of them. Will this be the end for the epic couple? Let’s hope not because their newly adopted baby and Meredith’s job are hanging in the balance.

Speaking of which, Cristina and Owen are experiencing some baby drama issues of their own, while Richard makes a bold decision in an attempt to save someone close to him. Then we’ve got April struggling in her newly appointed Chief Resident position and no one is listening to her. How is this going to affect her relationship with the other doctors? I feel it’s also important to point out that Sarah Drew — who plays April — is now pregnant in real life. How will this affect her character on the show because, let’s not forget, she’s supposedly a virgin! Once again we are left with so many questions, but it wouldn’t be Grey’s without a never-ending supply of drama. So turn off the McSnooze button because this is sure to be one season you don’t want to miss.


“How did you get people to listen to you as Chief Resident?” – April

So, off we go. Things are not going well for Chief Resident April right from the start. No one is listening to her or updating the medical board, which leads to a patient mix-up and Bailey almost performing surgery on the wrong patient. Whoops! She’d better perfect that checking system of hers or her new position could get taken away. But it was her first day, so these things happen…right?

We also discover that Cristina is living with Meredith and Owen is off helping Derek build that dream house of his that he’s been talking about for what seems like several seasons. Basically, Owen isn’t talking to Cristina, but what he doesn’t know is that she hasn’t had the abortion yet, but still wants to. Meanwhile, Derek is still hating on Meredith because she tampered with their clinical trial in order to get Adele (Richard Webber’s wife) the real drug and not the placebo.

Also, everyone hates Alex Karev right now since he ratted Meredith out to the chief, so he’s been living in the hospital and seems to have no friends.

“You’re not longer a doctor at Seattle Grace.” – Richard

Their day at Seattle Grace begins, but it leaves Meredith with some pretty depressing news. The Chief, Richard, talked to the board of directors and they want her out of the hospital, so in the words of Donald Trump: “You’re fired.” Everyone seems to feel sorry for her (especially Alex) except for Derek, who gives her the whole “what did you expect would happen?” talk. I have to side with him at this point. She had to have known that this was a possibility since she did illegally tamper with evidence. I heard that’s kind frowned upon in the medical world (or just in the world in general).

While everything seems to be falling apart at the hospital in a figurative sense, things start to fall apart on the streets of Seattle in a literal sense. A huge sink hole makes the ground cave in and it causes many injuries to the people who were unlucky enough to be in that particular location. One couple that was fighting before the eruption took place, actually fell into the crevice. The guy appears to be fine, but his wife’s leg is stuck underneath the car and since it’s too risky for the medical team to go down there, they ask the husband to amputate his wife’s leg in order to save her life. Of course he tries, but is unable to fully carry it out (can you blame him?), so Owen heads down there and finishes up the job, so they can both be taken to the hospital.

Alex also finds a kid buried in the rubble and ends up saving the kid’s life. Even though he was kind of a nark, you can’t help but love his dedication to saving children. I find him just adorable.


“Instead of loving her, you’re punishing her.” – Meredith

Meredith can’t help but hang around the hospital even though she’s technically no longer a doctor there, so while she’s gracing the hospital with her never-ending presence, she finds time to put Owen in his place, saying that her mother was just like Cristina and it’s not fair to try to guilt her into having this child. She reveals to Owen that Cristina still wants to have an abortion, but she hasn’t yet because she loves him. She also says that her mother blamed her for holding her back in her career by existing and the same thing will happen to Cristina. It would destroy Cristina and the child. Whether he agrees with this or not, it seems to wake Owen up to the possibility that he should forgive Cristina and try to move past this whole ordeal together. He even goes with her to get the abortion, so it looks like this particular relationship isn’t going to end anytime soon.

Since all of the residents are always bickering with one another, Bailey gets permission from the Chief to have them perform a Gunther. Apparently this is when residents perform a surgery without the help of any attendings, which is supposed to facilitate team bonding. But there’s a lot of tension, jealousy, and resentment in the air. The patient is the woman who had her leg amputated by her husband/Dr. Hunt, so this is an important surgery. Jackson Avery (with his beautiful blue eyes) ends up taking charge of the surgery and becoming “the Gunther”. Perhaps now McSteamy will start treating him with a little more respect.


“I think I stole a baby.” – Meredith

I’m not sure the same can be said for Meredith and Derek. When Meredith is visiting baby Zola in the hospital daycare, she runs into the adoption counselor who becomes suspicious that Meredith is hiding something. Once she realizes that Meredith was fired and she and Derek are not living together, she confronts Meredith with the possibility that Zola could be taken away from them. So what does Meredith do? She takes the baby and hides with her for four hours, trying to decide what to do next. She doesn’t answer her phone or her pager, which worries both Derek and the adoption counselor. This girl needs to learn to think before she acts.

Luckily, Cristina and Alex come to the rescue and make it seem like little Zola needed some additional tests run and that’s why Meredith took off with the baby. Derek and the counselor don’t seem to really buy into it, but Derek does at least come to Meredith’s defense for once. Still, the counselor ends up taking the child away for the time being, until everything gets sorted out, which leaves both Meredith and Derek worried that they won’t ever be getting Zola back.

And the biggest news of all, the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Richard Webber, decides to take the fall for Meredith and says he is the one who tampered with the results of the clinical trial. He claims Meredith was just covering for him, so Richard’s out and Meredith is back in. Does this mean we’ll be seeing the last of Chief Webber? And once again, Meredith is not held responsible for her actions….*sigh.*