‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Hope for the Hopeless

grey's anatomyS8E12: Clearly the folks over at Grey’s Anatomy are reading my highly insightful recaps because they’re actually starting to take some of my suggestions (I’m flattered). Granted most of the episode wasn’t as high energy as it was during the whole Henry situation, but it can’t always be like that or we’d be too emotionally drained to process anything else. Nevertheless, I was rather intrigued by each story line, which is highly uncommon for a Grey’s episode. Normally, I’ll like one portion of the plot at best, but the overall quality of the episode proved that the show can still hold its own and make us fall in love with its characters all over again. And that last scene between Cristina and Owen was just the cherry on top…but I’m getting too ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.


“Eight surgeons have said this is inoperable.” – Lexie

Derek and Lexie decide to take on an eleven-year-old patient suffering from a supposedly “inoperable” tumor. I didn’t get too excited about this story line right away since I’ve seen Derek perform a million miracle surgeries this year and thought I knew how it was all going to play out…I was dead wrong. The procedure is highly risky with only a 5 percent chance of success — odds that even Derek can’t overcome. After going in and analyzing the situation, Derek decides that there is nothing he can do for the boy and he’s forced to close up and resign himself to the fact that this kid only has a few more months to live. Obviously, this is sad enough in itself, but the really heartbreaking part lies in the interaction between the kid and his mother. You see, his mother’s been lying to him this whole time about his condition, telling him it’s just a back problem and nothing fatal. But in a surprise twist, we discover that the kid actually does know about the tumor and he only pretended not to know because he knows it’s what his mom wants. As long as he appears to be happy, then she’s happy. For an eleven-year-old boy to be able to put up such a front all for the sake of his mother is something truly admirable and beyond sweet. It’s this kind of stuff that makes Grey’s so great and I’m glad they’re slowly starting to realize that. It’s not the happiest of plot lines, but I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t predictable, with Derek once again saving the day. Although, I kind of wish in this case that it had — that little boy was so cute.

In other news, Mark won’t say the L word to his girlfriend, so Callie and Arizona take a very invested interest in the matter and try to get him to say it to her, but he adamantly refuses, claiming that he’s just not ready. It plays a very small part in the episode, but I think it’s pretty telling. He’s still not over Lexie and it’s making him hold back on getting too close to anyone else. Let’s just hope this particular plot starts to pick up a little more speed over the course of the next few weeks. I’m ready for a Lexie-Sloane reunion!


“Where is my husband?” – Adele

Richard is celebrating his 10,000th surgery at the hospital , but mid-way through, Adele (Richard’s wife) shows up looking for him. But she’s not herself — clearly still suffering from Alzheimers, as she confuses the past with the present and accuses Richard of leaving her for Elise Grey. Please note that Richard is in the middle of his surgery while this is all going on, but he takes control of the situation by reminding Adele of a happy memory between the two of them — their wedding song. In a rather touching scene, he starts singing “My Funny Valentine” to her, and she, in turn, joins in. It was a great moment between the two of them and helped to remind us just how serious Adele’s case is getting. It gave me a new-found respect for Richard to see how wonderful he is with her, even though she’s slowly slipping away. Yet another example of Grey’s tugging at our heartstrings.

However, Adele’s little episode forces Richard to cancel the celebratory party in his honor since he needs to go attend to his wife. But in a sweet gesture, Meredith turns Zola’s first birthday party into the cancelled party for Richard. Because hey, she’s not going to remember it anyway. It was a really nice thing to do and you could tell it means a lot to him. And given the day he had, he is in need of a little pick-me-up.

“You still haven’t declared a specialty.” – Owen

Meanwhile, Owen’s having a hard time controlling the doctors around the hospital – more specifically the female doctors. He pushes Meredith to pick an area she wants to specialize in, but she’s having a hard time deciding. Everyone agrees she’s perfect for General Surgery just like her mother, but Meredith struggles against the notion since she doesn’t want to be anything like her mother. By the end of the episode she still hasn’t decided what she’ll choose, but after her little heart-to-heart with Richard, I’m betting she’ll end up picking General Surgery after all.

But the two women Owen is having the most difficult time with are Cristina and Teddy. Though she seems to be handling Henry’s death much better this week, Teddy still refuses to forgive Owen for lying to her about Henry’s surgery. He tries several times to talk to her about it, but no dice — and Cristina is totally siding with her. In fact, the two of them purposefully go against his orders and assign themselves to a surgery he point-blank told them they were not to do. But all the tension eventually boils over at Zola’s birthday party when Cristina and Owen start yelling at each other in the kitchen. Cristina clearly resents him for putting her on Henry’s surgery and says that he’s not allowed to boss around her or Teddy because it’s his decisions which led to the tragic outcome. But in a shocking change of subject, Owen starts yelling at Cristina about how she killed their baby by having an abortion. Whoa! Talking about coming out of left field, that seemed completely off topic. But I guess it only makes sense that something like that would still be on his mind, especially since he wants kids so badly. I just didn’t see that little outburst coming – it was pretty harsh. I’m not sure if their marriage is going to be able to survive after this little fallout.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Cristina and Owen can overcome all these obstacles? Do you still like them as a couple? Sound off in the comments section below!