‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Loss, Love and Legacy


grey's anatomyS8E4: Last week on Grey’s Anatomy, we had a little break from the women and got to see what our hunky male doctors were up to. Well now the break is over and, as usual, it’s all about the women. Bailey finally makes a decision about her love life, Teddy decides to throw a dinner party for everyone, and Meredith continues to worry about getting Zola back even though they still haven’t heard the adoption agency’s decision one way or the other (see, I told you it was all about the women). But Derek and Meredith are in for a bittersweet reunion when Zola is at the hospital not for a visit, but for urgent care. Maybe this could end up bringing the two them closer together? Is anyone Team Deredith anymore?

Meanwhile, all the residents try to impress Jackson’s mother, Catherine Avery, when she comes to Seattle Grace to perform a groundbreaking surgery, which ends up making medical history (and help a poor guy retain some of his manhood…literally). But Mama Avery’s not too happy that her son is settling for plastics instead of a more impressive and complex specialty. So we’ve got difficult surgeries, complicated love lives, disappointed parents, and a dinner party. Well at least the dinner party is something new, right?

“Sometimes the loss is too great and the body can’t compensate on its own.” – Meredith

Meredith and Derek’s relationship continues to be on the rocks. Personally, I’m getting a little sick of the entire situation – either break up or make up already. This whole sleeping-next-to-but-not-talking-to-each-other thing is starting to creep me out. They’ve not heard from the adoption agency in weeks, so Derek has pretty much given up hope that they’ll ever get Zola back, while Meredith tries to remain optimistic. You can tell she’s worrying just as much as he is though. I’ve got a feeling that if Zola definitely does end up leaving their lives for good, their marriage will continue to be in disarray and could possibly end for good, but a decision needs to be made one way or the other soon because I’m starting to lose interest in this storyline.

Bailey seems to be having some love complications of her own now that Ben is back in the picture. But this little love triangle doesn’t last for long when Bailey realizes she’s just using Eli for physical needs and her true feelings lie with Ben. So she breaks up with Eli, but makes it clear to Ben that it’s not because of him. Really. She means it…


“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to invite a few lucky residents to scrub in on this country’s first penis transplant.” – Catherine Avery

After Jackson’s mother announces her intentions of performing the country’s first penis transplant on a recent cancer survivor, everyone wants in. But while the residents are undergoing a test to determine who will get to scrub in on the surgery, Alex gets paged and ends up forfeiting even though he was so close to winning (making Avery and Meredith the winners by default). I found this a little unusual since Alex never willingly gives up extraordinary surgeries, but it all made sense when I realized what the page was about. Zola is in the ER after having a seizure and she’s in need immediate care. The adoption counselor instructs Alex and Arizona to not tell Meredith and Derek about this since it could further complicate the adoption and potentially even ruin their chances of ever getting her back. So, of course, they find out and have a nice little shouting match with Arizona, Alex, and Owen in the conference room. Derek wants to perform the surgery himself, but Meredith is the voice of reason (I know, I was surprised too) and he eventually calms down and believes Arizona’s promise that she can handle it. Children are her specialty after all.

“I’m not trying to impress you. Let me do this and it will come naturally.” – Mark Sloane

The penis procedure appears to be going fairly well until April (who took Meredith’s place in the surgery) accidentally ruined the dorsal vein. Mark Sloane suggests an alternate solution, but Avery’s mother doesn’t hold much stock in plastics and is resistant to the idea. In fact, she was very upset that Jackson gave up working with McDreamy to “settle” for learning plastics with McSteamy. (Okay, she didn’t call them that, but don’t you just miss those nicknames sometimes?) But they end up using Mark’s suggestion with positive results.

Zola also has a rather successful surgery, but Meredith still breaks down in tears from all the worry and guilt she’s been carrying around all day. Derek makes an attempt to comfort her even though he blames her for all of it. As they go to make their way home they have an awkward stare down in the elevator with the adoption counselor. Remember when that elevator used to be a hub of make-out sessions? Whatever happened to that? Now they just use it to get from floor to floor. But based off of next week’s episode promo, things are going to get a bit more hot and heavy for these two. I hope you’re ready for Deredith Round Five!

Overall though, I was highly disappointed with the episode since the girls’ stories seem much less interesting than the guys’ from last week. I feel like nothing really happened throughout the entire episode (maybe that was the theme?). They worked on a patient, a small problem occurred, and then everything was back to normal. Same thing with Zola – she came to the hospital for surgery, survived, and is now recovering. And there’s still no headway with Derek and Meredith attempts to get her back. I could have not watched the episode and still be just as caught up as everyone else. This show really needs to start picking up some McSteam if it hopes to continue to hold the audience’s interest.