‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Poker Face

grey's anatomyS8E5: Tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy took on a rather steamy turn as some of the Seattle Grace residents got in touch with their sexual sides. Clearly over their post-abortion, awkward phase, Cristina and Owen embark on a sexathon, which consists of an array of sexting throughout the workday and getting frisky in a conference room (because on-call rooms are so last season). Basically, they’re choosing to have sex instead of talking about their issues or feelings – very healthy. Meredith and Derek, on the other hand, have no problem talking to one another…just as long as it’s not about anything involving neuro (since Meredith’s banned herself from Derek’s service as punishment for messing with the clinical trial). But besides that they seem to be doing a lot better as a couple all of sudden. Was anyone else confused about how this happened? Last episode they went to bed without even talking to each other and now they’re kissing each other at work. Seriously, did I miss something?

Sexual escapades and Deredith confusion aside, another big change in the episode includes the return of Lexie (aka Little Grey). We’ve barely seen her at all this season since Jackson shipped her off when his mother came to town. But now she’s back and we couldn’t be happier because that means the Mark-Lexie-Jackson love triangle is bound to get more intense. She’s juggled with these hunks’ hearts long enough, so she’s going to have to make a decision sooner or later (if only I had her kind of problems). Meanwhile, Mark and Arizona are starting to get on Callie’s nerves with their constant obsession with cooking, while Alex and Cristina try to play it safe in their surgeries for fear of tarnishing their fifth year record. Never a dull day at Seattle Grace hospital!


“Every surgery you do will go on your record. The wins and the losses.” – Owen

Since it’s their fifth year, some of the residents are trying to play it safe with their assigned surgeries, since they’re being monitored very closely on their “bad outcomes” (unsuccessful surgeries). This seems to specifically resonate with Alex and Cristina, which leads to both of them getting kicked off of their attendings’ services. This was very disappointing since they have the potential to be incredible surgeons, but they’re wasting it by being too concerned about getting graded. Neither of them ever really develop a bond with their patients anymore, which makes both their story lines and their surgeries far less interesting. Plus, Alex is back to acting like a complete jerk. His character has really progressed nicely up until this season, but now he seems to be going in reverse, which is really frustrating. Alex is at his best when he surprises you with his irresistible charm and endearing way with patients.

Meredith, on the other hand, seems to be picking up most of the slack that the other residents left behind. Now kicked out of neuro, she is working in the OB department and you know what that means – salmon scrubs! Did anyone else find it interesting how Addison (Derek’s former wife) was head of OB and now Meredith (Derek’s new wife) is donning the same set of ugly scrubs? Perhaps her maternal side is really kicking into full gear with Zola still out of the picture, but I have a feeling that Meredith won’t be staying in that department for very long. She’s one of the best residents the hospital has, so she’s definitely destined for some groundbreaking medical discoveries (just as long as she doesn’t tamper with the clinical trials again).

“I didn’t know how lucky I had it until Meredith was off my service.” – Derek

Meredith and Derek are apparently happy again and have learned to put all of their resentment and hostility aside because they were back to kissing and making eyes at each other throughout the course of the workday. I’m not really sure how this happened since they still seemed a little rocky last episode, but then again these two got married on a post-it, so they do tend to handle things in rather unique ways. But since the pair agreed they can no longer work together, Derek has switched from working with Wife Grey to Little Grey (Lexie). But since it’s Meredith — and she never plays by the rules — she uses Lexie to get Derek interested in a patient’s rare brain tumor. The surgery is successful and Derek never finds out that Meredith was involved, but I have a feeling she’s going to be making this a habit, so you know it’s only a matter of time before she gets caught. In fact, it looks like Bailey’s going to call her out on a few things in the upcoming episode (the still shown below says it all).

“Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex.” – Cristina

The episode had a plot that seemed to deal specifically with sex, which extended past the locked doors of the on-call rooms. Cristina and Owen have decided that they don’t need to talk about their relationship or post-abortion feelings when they could just have sex instead. So they do….a lot. Whether they’re sexting in the middle of surgeries (that sounds safe) or going at it in an empty conference room, these two have sex on the brain 24/7. Owen finally puts his foot down and says they can’t be groping each other in the middle of the workday now that he’s the Chief of Surgery, but when he suggests going out to dinner together, they end up deciding to just go home and have sex there. While it sounds funny in context, I feel like this is really unhealthy for their marriage. The two of them went through a pretty traumatic ordeal, but instead of using communication as a way to be close, they’re using sex as a buffer. But they won’t be able to ignore the issue forever, so sooner or later they’re going to have to come to terms with their feelings.