‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Put Me In, Coach

grey's anatomyS8E6: Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was all about working as a team. New Chief of Surgery, Owen Hunt, thinks reestablishing a Seattle Grace baseball team will help bring his fellow doctors closer together, but things take a turn for the worst when Bailey and Meredith bring their feud out onto the field. We knew this was bound to happen, but I had no idea it would come to fruition on a baseball field. Things get so heated that Richard has to step in and give them a stern talking-to. Meanwhile Lexie tries to cope with the fact that Mark is moving on with a new woman, but jealousy inevitably gets the best of her by the end of the night, which leaves Avery questioning the condition of their relationship. Looks like some of these doctors are in need of a serious time-out.

But it’s not all fun and games this episode. Back at the hospital, it’s a night of risk-taking. Derek tries to talk a mother into letting him perform groundbreaking brain surgery on her daughter, but it takes quite a bit of McDreamy charm to get her to agree to such a risky procedure. Stuff like this could really make or break a career. Alex doesn’t really get any interesting story or time, but he tries to right a few wrongs about the whole Zola situation that could possibly bring Derek and Meredith much closer to getting their baby back. Cristina, on the other hand, finally redeems herself in Teddy’s eyes, which will hopefully result in a return to her hard-core surgeries (finally).

All bets are off in this episode as both tempers and careers are on the fritz, making you question everything you thought you knew about your favorite characters. Game on!

“We don’t send people home Derek. It’s not who we are. It’s not who you are.” – Owen

Derek is presented with a young girl who has an inoperable brain tumor (doesn’t that seem to be the case for all of his patients?), but he’s having a hard time convincing the mother to let him perform a more risky procedure that could get rid of the entire tumor altogether. Luckily, he’s called McDreamy for a reason, so he eventually gets her to agree to the surgery, which ends up going very successfully. While I’m always relieved with a happy outcome, I can’t help but get bored from the repetition that seems to go on with Derek’s plotline. He’s faced with a surgery that is supposedly impossible to perform and then he ends up completing it successfully. Miracle surgeries are only miraculous if they don’t happen every single time. Can we give McDreamy a more interesting plot please?

Callie, however, is becoming my favorite character more and more every episode. She’s the only one that still seems to develop an emotional connection with her patients. Instead of allowing her patient to lose his hand and have to give up his love of sketching, she decides to put all of her energy into giving him a new hand. Yes, her surgery was successful, but unlike Derek’s, you’re left feeling rather touched by how much she was willing to help her patient so he can one day draw again. It’s moments like this that makes Grey’s great and I just wish they would incorporate more of this throughout the season.


“Doctor, attempting to influence a judge is a federal offense.” – Judge

Alex spent most of this episode outside of the ER, trying to get more information on what’s the hold up with Zola’s court hearing. He even risked prosecution to bribe a judge and social worker to get the case moving along. I especially enjoyed how he offered himself up as a medical whore of sorts by trading information about the case for a free surgery. Either way, his tactics work and Deredith finally have a court date, so yay! This just further shows how much of an emotional chameleon Alex is this season. He’s been a jerk pretty much the whole season up until this point and now we’re back to loving him again. Just when you’re ready to write him off as a class-A jerk, he turns around and surprises you. Welcome back to the winning team, Dr. Karev!

“What? I thought she was stealing second.” – Lexie

The Meredith and Bailey altercation turned out to be highly underwhelming. They pretty much said two sentences to each other out on the baseball field before Richard intervened and told them both to play nice together. So now they’re working on getting along and they’ll be working on the diabetes trail together. Lexie, on the other hand, really knew how to make the game (and the episode) more interesting by throwing a line drive right into the chest of Mark’s new girlfriend or as Callie would put it, “Right in the boob!” So, since this reaction was anything but subtle, Avery is now worried that Mark and Lexie aren’t as happy as he thought. Of course, Lexie denies any jealousy, but she let her baseball arm doing the talking for her, so it looks like the Lexie/Avery relationship is about to get a little rocky.

In-between all the drama, they end up losing the game, but Chief Owen gives them a pep talk and basically says how he’s happy they’re better doctors than baseball players (we agree). But hopefully the game helped inspire a bit of team unity for both in and outside the hospital. Then they all proceeded to get drunk in celebration of their loss. Let’s hope no one was on-call that night.