‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: The Phantom Menace

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The past can be a tricky thing. One moment you think you’ve completely got it beat, and the next thing you know it creeps up on you like a phantom in the night.

Now, despite what the title above may allude to, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is in no way Star Wars related. (Sorry folks) But while there are no Darth Vaders or Jedi Masters in sight, there was still plenty of menacing to be had. While Arizona fought to deal with the pain from a limb that no longer exists, Meredith attempted to face some ghostly demons of her own. Oh, and then there’s that whole hospital bankruptcy dilemma. So let’s Sith sift through all the drama and see what we can find. May the force be with us!

Talk to the Hand: You’d think that after spending months and months away from the OR, Derek would be inclined to take it a little easy his first time back, right? Wrong! This is Grey’s Anatomy people! Derek takes his refurbished, fully functional hand — or, as Callie prefers to call it, her hand — and performs a 23-hour long (successful) procedure on a patient. Way to take things slow, Doc.

Limb-It Less: Meanwhile, Arizona starts experiencing what’s known as a “phantom limb,” where she continually feels a painful sensation where her amputated leg used to be, almost as if it’s still there. And what started off as Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type nightmares about the pain begins to stem into the waking hours as well and begins to affect her in the workplace (kind of a problem when you’re a surgeon, wouldn’t ya say?). Thankfully, Owen lends her a hand (though she’d probably much rather prefer a leg, but oh well) and tries different techniques to help keep the pain at bay. None of them prove to be that helpful… that is, until Alex stabs her prosthetic foot with a scalpel right in the middle of surgery. Whatever works, I guess!

Liver Alone: Thanks to the joys of pregnancy, Meredith has now become a full-fledged pain in the ass — yelling at everyone in sight and then proceeding to cry at the drop of a hat. So when Dr. Shane accidentally ruins the liver needed to save the life of Meredith’s mother-to-be patient, it pretty much turns into an emotional rollercoaster. Luckily, another liver quickly becomes available (convenient, right?), but the only problem is… it’s in Portland, which is a 50-minute plane ride away. Obviously, this is the last thing Meredith wants to do given that her last flight didn’t end so well. But since a patient’s life hung in the balance, she managed to face her fear and successfully retrieved the liver. Way to go, Mer!

Cut It Out: Now that Seattle Grace is facing potential bankruptcy thanks to the costly lawsuit settlement, Owen recruits a Physician’s Advisor to help figure out where to trim the hospital’s budget. So after a lot of speculation and creepy hovering, the advisor suggests that their best move would be to cut the ER. Naturally, this idea didn’t go over too smoothly to the fellow doctors, especially since they pride themselves on being a Level 1 trauma center. Plus, how do you run a hospital without an ER? Is that even possible? And now that Mercy West merged with Seattle Grace, where would all the emergency cases get sent to? Obviously, there are still a lot of problems to weed out and nothing’s been officially decided… yet. But from a plotline’s standpoint it doesn’t sound like a good idea. Grey’s just wouldn’t be Grey’s without subjecting fans to insanely weird (but highly creative) medical disasters. However, Bailey actually defended the idea and snapped at Derek for berating it. “Do you have a better idea? Because the way I see it, this woman is trying to keep the hospital open.” She then further stoked the fire by remarking that not all of them have a few million to fall back on if the hospital goes belly-up. She’s got ya there, McMoney.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think the ER will really get the axe? Was Bailey’s outburst a hint at how the hospital will eventually resolve its financial crisis? Will/Should the plaintiffs give back the money they won in order to save Seattle Grace? Sound off on your dissections and opinions in the comments below!

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