‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Wedding Belle Blues

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Wedding Belle Blues

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If Grey’s Anatomy has taught its dedicated fans anything throughout the last 9 seasons, it’s that even the most joyous occasions can be fraught with peril. Baby showers can lead to devastating car accidents and innocent plane rides can turn into episodes straight out of LOST. Basically, it’s taught us to always expect the worst. Sure, it’s a little morbid, especially around the holiday season, but it’s also what keeps us coming back for more. Thursday night’s midseason finale, “Run Baby Run” continued to carry on this doom and gloom tradition by creating a bunch of havoc and stress around Miranda Bailey’s wedding day to hottie Dr. Ben. Mazel tov!

On the day before her upcoming nuptials, Bailey begins to experience a severe case of pre-wedding jitters. For normal brides-to-be this might involve a lot of nail-biting or binge chocolate eating, but since this is the once called “Nazi” that we’re talking about, she chose to channel her nerves into rage — yelling at everything and everyone. I know, classic Bailey! But when she’s not biting the heads off of her colleagues, she’s asking them (aka Arizona, Callie, and Meredith) to be bridesmaids in the best way possible: “Just put on a dress and don’t sit down.” Awesome. And I’m totally stealing that line for my wedding.

But Bailey isn’t the only one stressing out before the big day. April and Avery are nervous that seeing each other at the wedding will rekindle their little love affair, so they decide to bring dates to help ease the sexual tension. Avery asks Intern Stephanie to be his date while April goes with Intern Shane. And to keep the Attending-Intern dating theme going, Karev and Intern Jo get roped into going together — unbeknownst to them until the very last minute. (Side note: remember when this hospital seriously frowned on dating people in the workplace? I guess HR decided to just completely throw that rule out by now.) Yay to dating bosses!

Speaking of potential inter-office romances, Karev and Jo’s relationship seems to have seriously improved ever since she told him about her tragic childhood. He even offers to let her assist on a complicated surgery. Jo’s fellow interns think it’s because he totally likes her (said in my best Valley Girl voice), however, things take a turn for the worst when she rats him out to Arizona for being too hard on her after she messes up during the procedure. Apparently she thought he knew how risky the surgery was and simply wanted her to act as his scapegoat in case something went wrong. Karev was only trying to teach her though, so her paranoia was for naught. It did, however, bring them back to the hateful relationship it was before, so we’ve come full circle. Oh well, it’s not like they’re going to a wedding together or anything…oh wait…

But there’s more than just wedding bells on the good doctors’ minds. In fact, big things are happening on the Cristina and Owen front. Cristina discovers the reason behind Owen’s request for a divorce (to help increase the plane crash victims’ chances of winning the lawsuit) and the guilt he feels for the cheaper airline they used. Obviously, he blames himself for the crash. “A bunch of people made it possible for a bad plane to take off…and I am one of those people.” His speech is the catalyst we’ve all been waiting for to break down the barriers surrounding these two. Cristina admits that she wants to give their marriage another try, causing them to promptly have sex on his Chief of Surgery desk. There might be hope for these two crazy kids!

In other news, Derek finally went through with his high-risk surgery on his hand, where they took parts of his sister Lizzie’s leg nerves and transferred them to his hand. As for whether the procedure actually worked and will give him full use of his hand once again…only time will tell. Meredith and Lizzie also bonded as sister-in-laws, which prompted Mer to share her little pregnancy news — something she’s been too scared to even tell Cristina about for fear of another miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Arizona continues to struggle coming to terms with her lack of a second leg. This time it’s because she realized she won’t be able to wear high heels to Bailey’s wedding and therefore no longer wants to go. Thankfully, Callie verbally smacks some sense into her wife by reminding her that “nobody’s going to notice a stupid leg because everybody’s going to be looking at Bailey.” She’s tired of their whole lives revolving around that leg and wants things to finally get back to normal. It was a powerful speech and certainly seemed to have a positive effect on Arizona, who opted to put on a pair of flats (which were actually super cute by the way) and attend the wedding after all.

But there might not even be a wedding to attend. In a very sweet gesture, Richard hires a limo driver to escort himself and Bailey to her wedding in style. But halfway there, Richard receives a call from the hospital and learns that his wife Adele has been rushed to Seattle Grace after vomiting a lot of blood. Bailey, who’s been looking for an excuse to get out of this wedding, orders the driver to take them to the hospital and begins prepping Adele for surgery while still in her wedding gown. Of course, no one at the wedding has any idea what’s going on and Callie starts worrying that Bailey took her earlier advice seriously when she told her to “run” if she was that nervous — at which point Ben steps into the room and asks, “So how nervous was she?” Perhaps poor Bailey won’t have a wedding to hurry back to.

What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy’s midseason finale? Do you think Bailey’s only trying to help out a friend in need or do we have a runaway bride situation on our hands? Are you excited about Cristina and Owen’s reunion? Do you think Derek’s hand will be completely healed? Sound off on your dissections and opinions in the comments below!

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