‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What the Hell is Going On With Cristina and Owen?

grey's anatomyApril 12’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was called “Support System,” unfortunately the show really can’t seem to support itself or its plot lines these days. While I’ve always been a longstanding fan of the ABC medical drama, I’m downright tired of watching the episodes spin in a never-ending merry-go-round — taking up a lot of time and space, but literally going nowhere.

Take the Cristina and Owen story, for example. How long are we going to continue this “are they or aren’t they going to break up” dance? The abortion aspect of the storyline held a great deal of promise, especially given what a sensitive topic it would be for any real-life couple. Owen having an affair completely overshadowed that and was merely a dismal attempt to drag this whole thing out. But the problem is, it doesn’t make any sense. This couple survived Owen’s post-Iraq tendencies to choke Cristina in her sleep and yet a one night stand is their undoing?

So what now, writers? You shoved this gratuitous plot in our faces, so what are you going to do with it? At the end, Owen did “move out,” but that only consisted of him taking a few of his things. There was no talk of divorce, no talk of their next move. Are they going back to counseling? Owen says he still loves and wants to be with Cristina, so is he just okay about the whole never-having-kids thing? Shonda Rimes is dragging this out and leaving too many questions unanswered. If I have to watch one more episode of the two of them accomplishing absolutely nothing, I will be forced to take a defibrillator paddle to the television and pump some life into this series myself (hey, nothing else has worked so far).

But the amazing part is that despite all the incessant non-sense, fans are still tuning in. Last night, Grey’s nabbed a respectable spot in its 9 PM Thursday timeslot, earning 8.84 million viewers, which shows just how dedicated (or delusional, myself included) this show’s fan base really is. We want this show to do well and therefore refuse to give up on it. Even though I’m doing nothing but harping on the show, I continue to watch it each and every week because I still have hope for Grey’s to regain the memorable characters and strong storylines I once obsessed over. But my patience is growing thin and my voice is gone from yelling at the television each and every week (I’m serious, just ask my co-workers). My tantrums for this show makes Meredith’s mental breakdowns look like child’s play.

So enough, already. Give us back hardcore Cristina who wouldn’t be caught dead weeping over a man instead of studying for her medical boards. We get it, the tin man really can have a heart, but she doesn’t need to wear it on her sleeve like this. Put scalpel pen to paper and right all the wrongs this season has committed.

What say you, writers? Can the world have the old Cristina back — and the great show that (hopefully) comes with it?


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