‘Grey’s Anatomy’: When the Patients’ Storylines Are Better Than the Doctors’

grey's anatomyMeredith Grey said it best: “Letting go is the easy part…it’s the moving on that’s painful.” No truer words could be said for not only the most recent episode “The Girl With No Name” but also for Grey’s Anatomy as a whole.

When this series first aired back in 2005 it wove an intricate web through our hearts and made us fall in love with the beloved doctors of Seattle Grace hospital. In truth, they all became “our person” and proved that outstanding medical dramas really could exist after ER. But now as the show begins to wrap up the end of its eighth season, I’ve come to realize that the patient’s storylines have become far more interesting than those of the main characters. Indeed, it seems Grey’s has a hard time moving on from its own waning plotlines.

This week’s episode presented viewers with the heart-wrenching story of a kidnap victim who finally escaped after 12 years of nonstop abuse, rape, and torture. She was only six years old when she was abducted and as the episode progressed we learned more of all the dark horrors she had to endure while being held captive. It was sick, gruesome, and painstakingly real — and it is the best episode of Grey’s I’ve seen in a long time.

So what’s wrong with this picture? The story had very little to do with any of the main characters. In fact, most of their storylines remained dull with the exception of Richard and Adele’s tragic love story. But other than that, the protagonists’ plots continue to go absolutely nowhere. I’m finding more of a thrill watching characters who I’ve only just been introduced to rather than the doctors who I’ve been following for eight years. Something’s definitely amiss, and could very well cause the show to flat-line.

And the most frustrating part about it all is that this show still has so much potential. Having the fifth year residents face their medical boards and decide whether they’re going to leave Seattle Grace or not is exciting. Or at least it could be. But it’s taking way too long to reach a conclusion. I feel like I’ve been going to medical school in real time. If I wanted to do that then I would have just gone to medical school. This is TV, so it should move at much crisper pace, yet I still feel just as much in the dark as I did back in September and I’m losing interest fast. It’s time to move on, writers. Show us what’s behind the curtain, already!

It’s great to have interesting patients on the show, but when they become more captivating than the series’ regulars something’s gotta give. Someone have an affair, or join the army, or cut someone’s LVAD cord — just do something. Let’s take Meredith’s advice and get this plot moving on.


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