‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actors Who Should Make Appearances on this Season Of ‘Scandal’

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If you’re watching ABC’s hit show Scandal (which you obviously are) and you’ve ever experienced Grey’s Anatomy — another big show from the great mind of Shonda Rhimes — you’ve probably recognized a handful of familiar faces. Many characters who played minor roles on Grey’s (like, Meredith Grey’s father, actor Jeff Perry) have gone on to have major roles on Scandal (Perry is now better known as the somewhat insane and beloved White House Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beene). Scandal’s First Lady of the United States Mellie Grant (played by Bellamy Young) also had a small but memorable role in a couple of episode of Grey’s. We love that Rhimes is putting all these great actors to work on her latest show, and we think the Scandal cast is pretty much flawless. Still, there are a few old faces from Grey’s Anatomy that we’d love to see make a special guest appearance (or two) on the upcoming season of Scandal.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Danny Duquette

Ohhh, Denny! The hot patient who totally looked just like Javier Bardem, who we lost when a somewhat illegal heart transplant went wrong (poor Izzie) – we need to see his face on telelvision again. Morgan was such a great actor, and we’d love it if he popped up as a new client of Olivia Pope’s.

T.R. Knight AKA Dr. George O’Malley

O’Malley! Can’t you just see him now working his way onto Scandal as a sort of Gladiator-in-training, or Gladiator for a day? Fumbling and falling all over himself (and probably falling for Quinn in the process)? It would be adorable.

Patrick Dempsey AKA Dr. Derek Shepherd AKA McDreamy

We have no real plans for his cameo appearance, other than that he shows up and looks really, really hot… errr dreamy. We’ll let Shonda Rhimes figure out what to do with him, we just mainly want more McDreamy everywhere in life.

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