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Grey's Anatomy Idle Hands Recap

If Meredith thought becoming a doctor was difficult, it pales in comparison to the amount of stress she’s been dealing with in light of this year’s pregnancy. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Idle Hands,” offered a glimpse into the soon-to-be mother’s inner fears as she agonized over the health of her unborn child — something that she’s done several times before. (Remember when she panicked over the baby’s first kick?) But most importantly, this episode let fans in on the secret we’ve all been dying to know for months: the sex of Meredith and Derek’s baby! So is it a McBoy or McGirl? Find out all that and more, below.

A Leg Up on Love: It’s amazing what a new prosthetic leg can do for one’s sex drive, as seemed to be the case with Seattle Grace’s Grey Sloan Memorial’s sexy lady loves, Arizona and Callie. After showcasing her new and improved, high-heel wearing prosthetic leg, Arizona finally felt ready to get back on that proverbial horse and bring sex back into the bedroom again. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly how they planned (when do they ever on this show), but it was nothing a few sweet words, a heartfelt apology, and a sensual massage couldn’t fix. I think it’s safe to say the spark has officially been reignited.

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Will the Real Miss Jenny Tailia Please Stand Up: Still jealous over Jo’s romantic relations with Dr. Jason, Karev decided to team up with his child cancer patient and play practical jokes on the new beau, which included sending him on a wild goose chase for the made-up patient named “Jenny Tailia,” (as in, genitalia), among other highly mature antics. Granted, it was creative and (I’ll admit) downright hilarious, but it would be nice to see Karev make some sort of grand gesture sometime in the near future. We know he’s got it in him; we’ve seen it firsthand. Stop teasing us already and let’s get to the main event. It’s been way too long since Karev’s last steamy romance. He deserves this (and so do we).

Two Birds, One Stone: While Bailey was determined to get her fellow doctors-turned-board-members to support a genome research project, Cristina was beginning to realize the bittersweet truths of being both a doctor and an authority figure. When a former classmate’s achievements seemed to outshine her own, Cristina jumped at the opportunity to scrub in with the head of cardio on a unique heart procedure.

However, she soon realized that the doc wasn’t trying to recruit her expertise; he was simply trying to pitch a case for more funding. But no one who insults Cristina Yang goes unpunished. After a quick board meeting, she decided to cut the heart surgeon’s funding instead, and gave it to Bailey to use for her study. Now left with fewer workers and less money, the doc had no choice but to accept Cristina’s oh-so-willing help. Revenge suits you nicely, Yang.

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McBoy vs. McGirl: Meredith has become absolutely paranoid about the possible health risks of her unborn baby (though who could blame her after her last traumatic miscarriage). From predicting heart murmurs to worrying that her child will be born with three arms and 11 fingers, Meredith was determined to fear the worst. But, in true McDreamy fashion, Daddy Derek was there to save the day. After coaching Shane on how to handle a young patient’s scary, upset father, Derek took his worried wife for an ultrasound to calm her fears where they discovered that not only is the baby completely healthy, but it’s a boy. Look out for the future McDreamy Junior!

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So what did you think of this week’s episode? Are you anxious for a Jo-Karev hookup? Do you like the hospital’s most recent changes or are you hating this whole doctor-board member balancing act? Are you excited that Meredith and Derek are having a boy?! Sound off on your dissections and opinions in the comments below!

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