‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Oh Yes, There Were Poop Jokes

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What happens when your friends no longer have your back? For one thing, TV sitcom theme songs would be in need of some serious rewrites. (Let’s face it, “I Won’t Be There For You” just doesn’t have the same nice ring to it.)

But for the most part, it leaves you feeling completely betrayed and alone — something that our dear Miranda Bailey became all too familiar with this week as Grey’s Anatomy delved into the aftermath of her recent medical faux pas. The show also gave us a nibble of the storyline we’ve been waiting to come to fruition since the beginning of the season. That’s right — I’m talking about Alex admitting his feelings for Jo. Granted, he told Cristina not Jo herself, but baby steps, people! Now on to the recap!

The Curious Case of Miranda Bailey: Our beloved doctor has certainly seen better days, hasn’t she? Not only was she forced to give an elaborate play-by-play of her surgeries to the CDC, but, on top of that, she was being treated like a piranha by all of her co-workers, who — until now — she had considered to be her closest friends. They wouldn’t even allow her access to her patients’ files for fear that she would tamper with evidence. (Do they think she’s Dexter Morgan? Cut the woman some slack!) But Chandra Wilson deserves mad props for bringing such raw emotions to her character. Seeing Bailey so alone and secluded was truly heartbreaking, showing fans a completely different side to the no-nonsense, rock star surgeon we’ve grown to love all these years.

When the CDC concluded its investigation they discovered that even though Bailey did, in fact, have a staph infection, the real culprits were the defective surgical gloves they started using during the whole Pegasus era. This means Bailey will eventually be reinstated and live to scrub-in another day… but the damage has already been done. She still feels guilty for the death of her two — or by episode’s end, three — patients. Plus she feels completely betrayed by Richard, whom she heard throw her under the bus earlier. Granted, he only said those things in order to get a patient into surgery, but whether she understood that or not, she was still hurt that he didn’t stand by her — like she stood by him during his affair and multiple drunken surgeries. (And I wonder where my growing distrust in hospitals comes from?)

In the end, she pretty much ripped the ex-Chief a new one, so it’s safe to say that their relationship is in some serious jeopardy.

Pointing the (Severed) Finger: While many of our doctors attended to multiple severed fingers of a family reunion tug-of-war game gone awry, April was busy pointing her still-intact finger at Avery for de-virginizing her, which ultimately contributed to her breakup with Matthew.

But as I was screaming at my television about April’s nonsensical complaints (I mean, it’s Avery for crying out loud! The guy’s a freaking dreamboat. Stop complaining!), Avery was having none of it. He told her that even though he’s sorry that she’s hurting right now, he will never regret them being together. It was a sweet moment that held a glimmer of hope for some steamy make-up sex, but Matthew came in and ruined it all by wanting to get back together. Ugh!

Plus side: that means Avery is still on the market since intern Stephanie was nowhere to be found. Call me?

S**t Happens: Meredith has decided she’s going to have the baby naturally and completely drug-free, but she wants Cristina in the room to keep Derek from giving her something if he sees her in too much pain. (Men, what jerks, right?) But Cristina doesn’t want any part of this miraculous event. Why? Because Meredith will probably poop on the table and she just really doesn’t want to see that. In the end, she ended up giving in and agreeing because that’s what “Persons” do for each other — kinda like the girl form of the Bro Code. (Side note: the scene between Alex, Meredith, and Cristina all talking about poop was possibly the funniest/grossest thing I’ve ever seen on this show in a long time. I needed it.)

Pillow Talk: After months and months of waiting, we’re finally starting to make a little headway on the whole Alex-Jo front. He finally admitted out loud to Cristina (during an adorable pillow talk session, might I add) that he’s in love with Jo. Naturally, Cristina already knew that since she knows all, but this relationship might already be over before it began. For one, she’s moving in with her boyfriend, and for another, she’s completely pissed at Alex for telling Jason (though I prefer his nickname: Chest Peckwell) details about her rough childhood — something she had apparently not opened up to him about yet. You’re going to need a big, romantic gesture to get out of this one, Karev.

But theirs might not be the only relationship in turmoil. Cristina opened up to Alex about her concerns regarding Owen. She thinks she’s going to lose him — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime down the line it’s going to happen. And why? For the same reason that drove them apart in the first place: children. His attachment to Ethan — who is becoming more and more like an orphan with each passing week — grows stronger everyday, which could mean big problems for our favorite on-again, off-again couple. It’s just a matter of when.

So what did you think of this week’s episode? Did you find the poop talk as amusing as I did? Did you think Bailey had a right to lash into Richard like that or did she go too far? Is there any hope for Alex/Jo and Owen/Cristina? Sound off on your dissections and opinions in the comments below!

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