Guess These 10 Sets of Reality TV Lips

People don’t really watch reality TV for the drama, competition, or even crazy ladies yelling at each other about whether or not someone was actually invited to a party at another person’s house (oh, those Housewives). There is only one reason to watch reality shows: the lips. Yes, non-scripted shows have more surgically-altered mouths per capita than any country on the face of the earth other than Brazil, which is world renowd for its state-supported plastic surgery and docu-series program. (I just made that up). 

You probably know all these lips so well that you can guess them without seeing the rest of the face. Click on this gallery of Guess These Reality TV Lips below an see if you can figure out these plumped appendages before realizing who they belong to. If you get a perfect score, you win a trip to Brazil to get your lips done. (I just made that up too). 

Credit: VH1

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