Guess Which ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Is About to Drop a Music Video

Kat Graham Vampire Diaries PaleyfestThe CW’s haunting teen drama The Vampire Diaries is throwing Bonnie curve ball after curve ball, but the actress behind the beloved witch, Kat Graham, is faring much better in the real world. 

Monday, March 26 marks the release of her brand new music video, “Put Your Graffitti on Me” and the kick-start to her music career. While Graham has her toes in the music industry, Vampire Diaries fans know her primarily as Bonnie Bennett, the last in a long line of powerful witches and best friend to the show’s protagonist, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). 
And it seems Graham is ready to work some music magic with her new video. In a statement, she said, ” always said I wanted my introduction to be strong and a bit in your face… and I think we have more than accomplished that.” In addition, Graham starred in a sequel to Honey starring Jessica Alba, proving that she’s got the moves to back up the voice. 

E! will host the debut of Graham’s latest venture on March 26. Are you excited to hear the Vampire Diaries star test out the waters of the music industry?