Hampsters Reenact ‘Stranger Things’ — With Teeny Tiny Eggo Waffles

Just when we thought Stranger Things couldn’t get any better, the Internet Gods have gifted us with one of the most precious gems we’ve seen to date. You’re going to need to sit down when you watch this. You might explode from the cuteness.

Hamsters from the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven have reenacted the entire Netflix series. You heard it right. Hamsters — complete with little tiny Eggo waffles — have journeyed into the Upside Down for our viewing pleasure.

Stranger Things (which we already love) plus cute, little fuzzy hamsters (which we already love, love, love) is an instant win. This is basically the Holy Grail of all Internet videos.

Thank you, Mashable, for letting such an awesome thing happen.

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