‘Hannibal’ Might Bring NBC to ‘Dexter’ Levels — VIDEOS


Historically, network television has had to shy away from some of the darker, more gruesome themes. That’s why the real heavy-hitters like Dexter and The Sopranos have taken form on premium cable. But CBS’ newbie The following has proven, network TV is heading down a more explicit road. NBC looks to follow suit with its new crime drama Hannibal.

The new promotional videos from the series, an adaptation of the Silence of the Lambs film franchise, gives us a quick look into the sort of shudders we should anticipate come the program’s debut. Hannibal stars Mads Mikkelson as the psychotic but ingenious title character, and Hugh Dancy as the FBI Agent Will Graham charged with keeping him in line and harnessing his brilliance to prevent crime rather than provoke it. Clearly, from these two clips,  Graham has his work cut off — I mean, cut out for him.

Hannibal premieres Apr. 4 on NBC.

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[Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC]

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