The ‘Happy Endings’ Guide to Getting Over Your Ex — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Happy Endings

It’s Friday! And there’s no better way to help get you pumped for the weekend than an exclusive clip from the fantastically quirky comedy Happy Endings.

Now that Happy Endings is bringing back TGIF to ABC, fans can get excited for a double-dose of laughs with two brand new episodes next week. No need for applause! You can send your tokens of gratitude to ABC studios along with a threatening letter of all the things you will break if we don’t get a Season 4.

In next week’s first episode, “The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky,” it’s been a month since Penny ended things with her super hunky fiancé Pete — and let’s just say the past few weeks have been roof stoof for our little Penny Loafer. A broken engagement, an infested condo, and the fact that Glenn Beck put his fingers in her mouth are just a few of the problems that Penny announces to the group in Rosalita’s.

But not to worry Happy Endings fans! Like always, Jane has a plan to get Penny out of her slump with her legs in the air. It’s time for Penny to have a fling. Keep in mind that this is Happy Endings — the greatest comedy currently gracing your TV screens — so of course this “fling” is going to be much more than your average one night stand. recently chatted with Happy Endings creator David Caspe and he teases that Penny’s newest fella is someone we’ve seen before. “She moves on in the worst possible direction.” Caspe says. “She has a very sexual thing with Jane’s boss played by Rob Corddry ‘The Car Czar’ — yeah, it’s very weird.”

Take a look below to see tonight’s amazing opening scene because it truly has everything you could ever want: Penny’s abrevs, some inappropriate Brad and Jane PDA, and Max’s inability to pay for any meal. And of course no Happy Endings scene would be complete without the two most adorable words in Alex’s vocabulary: Suh kewt.

Don’t miss a full hour of Happy Endings next Friday at 8 PM on ABC!

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