‘Happy Endings’ Recap: Sabado Free-Gante



Having a completely free Saturday is a treat, and an unfortunate rarity once you reach the age of, say, 25. Luckily for the Happy Endings gang, they had a Sabado to spend in whichever way they desired — and, because it was them, the day ended up being bats***t insane. 

Tonight’s episode went with the classic A,B,C plot structure, with three duos getting into various degrees and types of trouble. Penny and Jane, who probably had my favorite plot, endured the wacky world of car dealerships (or, Penny endured dealing with Jane in the wacky world of car dealerships). Alex and Dave apartment-hunted with guest star Rachael Harris (The Hangover), and Brad and Max tried to spend a Brad day, Max’s way (AKA, cheap). Things, shockingly, did not go as planned.

But let’s back up, because we need to address the photo above: We didn’t get a Halloween episode, maybe cause last years ah-mahz-ing one would be hard to top, but we did get a peak at the gang’s costumes in the cold open. In case you’re wondering, yes, that is the Jackson 5 as marionettes: Alex is Michael, Jane is Jackie, Penny is Tito, Max is Marlon, Brad is Joe, and, of course, Zach is La Toya. (“La Toya. Why you so stupid, girl?”) It would have been nice to see them do their thing at a Halloween party, but, hey — maybe next year.

The group then got together for a Saturday brunch, which — as Max announced with a resounding “you go to hell, girl!” — was subpar, since Jane and Brad had to cut back on their formerly expansive events budget. It seemed like everyone would spend the day together, but when Alex and Dave announced their apartment-hunt, and Penny mysteriously peaced out, the group split up for three VERY different Saturdays.  

I must admit that I have a special soft spot for Eliza Coupe (Jane), and seeing her in her element — the car dealership — was wonderful. The added kicker that Penny was using her the whole time for a fake emotional-breakdown was especially funny, but I have to make this crystal clear: Everyone needs (and deserves) a Jane when buying a car. My Jane got me a 2010 Mazda 3 (in 2010) for zero down, $211 a month, with iPod dock and Bluetooth, using the same walk out the door, give em’ hell routine Jane used in this episode. I barely had to do any talking. This person is now my ex-boyfriend, so if anyone knows anyone like this, please leave your digits in the comments. I’ll totally call you. (Aside: I was, at first, dreading that the car dealership scenes would turn into one giant, awkward product placement à la last week’s New Girl, but thankfully this was not the case.) The scene with the ridiculously long wait for the “Car Czar” was perfect and ridiculously true, and showed Jane in her true Type-A element. Also really enjoyed the nerdy literature comments, though reading Hunger Games and Harry Potter is not, I repeat, NOT for nerds.

In B-plot (or A-plot? They were all sort of the same) land, Alex and Dave decided, rather quickly, to move in together. They hired Harris — who showed them some stellar “Chicago” apartments (do these kids even work?) — but were clearly having second thoughts about the move, since every place had something wrong with it. (My favorite? Too Shia LaBeouffy. A valid concern.) Eventually, when Harris called them out on their relationship issues, they signed a lease — which should mark a fun, and interesting, new chapter for the group. Who can Max manipulate into living with him? Will Penny find a new galpal? How will Alex and Dave round 2 even work out? Exciting/disastrous times ahead!

Finally, Brad was feeling blue because he, in his unemployed state, could no longer enjoy the perfect Saturday — a meal, clothes shopping, a workout with his trainer, and a steam room — and he turned to the exact wrong person, Max, for help. “Welcome to Max world!” “Max World” apparently includes manipulating AA, Overeaters Anonymous, and Sexaholics Anonymous meetings for the free food (and condoms), signing up for cell phone plans for free T-shirts, punching beefcakes and having them run after him for a good run, and standing over a city vent for free steam. Of course, between the cheap T-shirt and the face paint and the steam vent, the guys looked more than a little homeless — and Brad, unfortunately, ran into a former coworker who clearly pitied him. It was a bummer, but made Brad ultimately realize that he wants a job somewhere in the middle of his old one — a zillion hours a week, no personal/family life — and his current life, Max World. He learned this at a child’s birthday party that they crashed, and Max soon insulted said child, so that brought some Happy Endings flair to an uncharacteristically serious scene.