Happy Father’s Day! Meet 12 Awkwardly Crushworthy TV Dads 

Dexter with a BabyWe’ve all been there. You’re watching one of your favorite shows and one of the father characters waltzes on screen and does something endearing and sweet and just like that, you have a completely inappropriate (television-bound) crush. And in honor of Father’s Day, it’s our pop-culture-obsessed duty to remind you of all those awkward crushes.

The good thing is that we all have them, so don’t feel too bad about yourself. And for every Dexter Morgan, there’s a regular old, uncrushable dad like Uncle Phil (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) or Jay Pritchett (Modern Family). It just proves we don’t have a (somewhat creepy) “thing” for dads, but that there are just some dads who are so wonderful (and handsome) we can’t help it. Totally legitimate.

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